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Schedule of Services

Friday, July 5 (Erev Shabbat)

7:00am - Shacharit

6:30pm - Minchah/Kabbalat Shabbat/ Maariv

8:10pm - (latest) Candle Lighting

Shabbat, July 6 (Parshat Korach)

9:30am - Chevra Mishnayot

10:00am - Shabbat Tefilot

  • Shacharit - Eliot Norwood
  • Torah Reading - Harry Weller
  • Haftorah - Adfam Gamzon
  • Musaf - Rabbi Adler

7:35pm - Pirkei Avot

8:05pm - Minchah / Seudah Shelishit / Maariv

9:10pm - Havdallah

Sunday, July 7

8:30am - Shacharit

8:15pm - Minchah/Maariv


Monday - Thursday

7:00am - Shacharit

8:15pm - Minchah Maari

Friday, July 12 (Erev Shabbat)

7:00am - Shacharit

6:30pm - Minchah/Kabbalat Shabbat/ Maariv

8:07pm - (latest) Candle Lighting

 “Get updates on the weekly marches as well as other posts on local support for Israel on WhatsApp: https://tinyurl.com/WeHaforIsrael”.

West Hartford Eruv Campaign

Every summer, the West Hartford Eruv reaches out to the community for support to fund the eruv. These funds are used to maintain and repair the eruv as needed as well as to provide a stipend to the individuals who inspect the eruv on a weekly basis. This year, Beth David and Beth Israel launched a project with the leadership of the eruv to expand the boundaries to include more neighborhoods on the southside of West Hartford. This anticipated expansion could have direct impact on selected streets between Beth David and Beth Israel, and as far south as Park Road. We call upon Beth David members and friends to support this campaign to fund and maintain the eruv. Checks can be made payable to the Eruv Committee and sent to 107 Hilldale Road, W. Hartford, CT 06117 

The War

As Israel navigates the war against Hamas, and we celebrate the release of hostages, let us not forget those Israelis who paid the ultimate price. Please CLICK HERE for brief biographies of brothers and sister that have been lost.

From the Beth David Inbox -

From Elisha and Anat Rosenzweig

"As you can imagine, things here in Israel are challenging, but B"H we are doing fine, and Gd willing we will get out of this soon, and stronger for it.

I wanted to share that I've started to record a "war diary" of the Israel-Hamas war that is taking place these days around us, tracking how things evolve from our perspective. The point is to give people - especially those who are not Israeli, but want to gain a sense of how things are here, "on the ground" - a sense of what it feels like, as well as what are the personal, political and strategic forces at work. I'm not a reporter or an expert in anything related to this war. Just an informed citizen of the State of Israel, who has lived in this tiny country in the Middle East most of his life and so has (hopefully) a broad context within which to help place these events. So far I've done two episodes. I'll be trying to do these in a semi-daily manner." Click here for Elisha's updates, and save the link.

Feel free to not only watch but also share with those you think would find this meaningful. 

Hope to see you soon, in quieter times, Elisha Rosenzweig and Family

In Pursuit of Information -

There is a massive amount of information filling our inboxes multiple times daily with updates from Washington, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The Times of Israel is a source you might want to consider. Click Here.

Memorial Candle

Upcoming Yahrzeits

Lee Judith Michelson, Cousin of Harriet Goldsher

Samuel Margulies, Grandfather of Fred Singer

Ichiro Hayakawa, Father of Nancy Nawy

May their memories be bound in the Heavenly bond of life eternal.


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