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Newsletter #64 -- Feb 9, 2015
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Few things are more enticing than chocolate-especially as a gift for Valentine's Day. But the sweetness fades and the residual calories often remain. Give your sweetheart something different this year. What's better than chocolate you ask? How about something from the heart.

A friend recently asked me to write "a prescription" for her husband to provide more of a certain loving and thoughtful behavior to help her stop eating chocolate so much. I promptly wrote out the prescription on a napkin and handed it to her with a smile. The husband later told me he was happy to oblige. I started calling him her "chocolate substitute!"  
It's Official -- Laura Certifies as a Sex Therapist

Well, it's official! After completing many additional clinical, educational and therapeutic experience requirements including over 200 hours of additional graduate-level sexology coursework, more than four post-graduate years of clinical work doing sex therapy, and two references by current ABS members, I am officially a Board Certified Diplomate of
The American Board of Sexology (ABS) -- or more simply -- a Certified Sex Therapist (CST)! 

Valentine's Day is one of my very favorite holidays! It's a wonderful opportunity to make sure your sweetheart knows how much you love them, and to create fun family traditions for your children as well. I hope you all will make February and Valentine's Day a special day for showing your love!


Update Your Facebook Profile Pic

I encourage everyone with a Facebook account to change your profile

picture for the month of February to a photo of you and your spouse as a way to say, "I love my spouse!" ;)    


I am loathe to give this any free publicity, but as a sex therapist who specifically works with a lot of pornography and sexual addiction issues, and has a passion for helping couples have great, healthy sex in their marriages, I hope to steer people clear of getting caught up in the hype of ingesting any of the Fifty Shades of Grey messages about sexuality.

I know many reading this wouldn't even consider reading the books or seeing the movie, but it's pretty hard to miss the media onslaught prior to the "coming out" of this movie. It's important for all to be at least informed enough to know what this movie is really about and to avoid it like the plague.

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