February 1st, 2023

“As a rule, we find what we look for;

we achieve what we get ready for.”

~ James Cash Penney

One month down, eleven to go!

Welcome to February my friends! There's so much to look forward to. While some cling to the newness of January 1st as a time for change or growth or resolutions, the impending spring season brings revival! We watch as dormancy fades and life begins to stir. Mother Nature kick's off her mukluks and whips out her favorite Crocs to get busy in the garden. I know, I know...there is 10" of snow outside, but let's face it, spring is 48 days away. Before you know it, we'll be diggin' in the dirt!

When looking to the horizon [or the calendar] we are always guaranteed change. No matter if we're getting ready to hibernate or if we're thawing with the season, we have to prepare for said change. And when we know it is coming, we do our best to get ready for it.

So let me ask you, what are you getting ready for? What's next for you? What do you see in the immediate future? How far out are you day-dreaming so when it finally arrives you're ready? I can easily get lost in my day-to-day operations and phone calls and emails. But where I find the greatest joy is talking 10 year plans! 20 year plans! Anything past 20y and I'm dreaming retirement and you've lost me. Ha! When you permit time and energy to impress grandeur and think long term, it transforms the day-to-day actions to foster the future we're all daydreaming about!

Today is your day to plant the seed, to kick off your mukluks and to start dreaming about all the work to do in your own garden! Spring is coming. Change, revival, development or whatever you want to call it is waiting for you. Are you ready?

Kate Abbe

The Elkhorn Chamber


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6:30-8:30pm - EAHS Auto Shop

Enter through Door 13

February 2, we'll focus on all things tires! Roadside tire changes, checking and filling your tires with air, inspecting, and plugging a tire. We'll even go over what the information on the side of a tire means.

Let’s Overflow

our Blessing Boxes!

Pack those Little Pantries!

February 18, 2023

Pit Stop 67

N6444 Hwy 12, Elkhorn


All money raised will be used to maintain the

contents of area Blessing Boxes

basket raffles~silent auction~

50/50 raffle~guest bartenders

Food/Household product happily accepted

Questions, donations, volunteer?

Contact Jill Hummel ~ 262-215-4491

Party with Purpose!


Interested in Disc Golf?

Come try out our FREE Adult Putting League!

Every other Tuesday (1/31, 2/14, 2/28, 3/14, 3/28)

in the EAMS Auxiliary Gym

(enter through door 11). 

All skill levels are welcome! Bring three (3) putters with you. Golfers will go through five stations five times. If we have more than 10 participants, teams will draw and compete against each other. 

Can't make it every other Tuesday?

Come when you can!

Skin Care… And Hair Care… And Aloe! Oh My! 

It’s all on sale but time is running out! Don’t miss this opportunity to save on L’BRI’s aloe-based goodness! Skin care sale ends Wednesday, February 1st. Hair care sales go through February. Visit lbri.com/kristylauzon or contact Kristy at 262-745-2366 to order or for a free personal consultation! 

Kick off the New Year with

Elkhorn Flying Dragons Martial Arts Center

Learn traditional martial arts, aikido, taichi, judo, and more as you get fit and flexible.

50% off your first month. Offering classes for all ages.

Try Chi! Elkhorn has its very own TaiChi instructor.

Balance can predict your quality of life!

We’ve got good news: balance, flexibility, and relaxation

are things you can improve.

So put on your comfy pants, take a night for yourself, and breath.

Your first class is free to try Chi!


“The Dementia Friendly Community Initiative —

Walworth County group is recruiting new members and Pilots for our new bikes!

Please join us as we expand our

Cycling Without Age program.


Our next meeting is

Thursday February 9th, 2023 - 8:30 AM - 10 AM


If you wish to meet in-person we will meet at the A.D.R.C. building located at 1910 County Road NN, between the Judicial Building and Lakeland Health Care Center. 


If you prefer the meeting will also be on ZOOM, or you can listen in by phone.  The call in number is: (262)741-7851 and the access code is 0820316 the zoom URL is 


Any questions, please contact Eric or Bernadette Russow at

        262-320-7325 or dfcwaworth@gmail.com”



If you or a business you know are in need of assistance please reach out