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Issue #145, May 6, 2024

Board News

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Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 29, 2024 at 9 am at Estero Country Club and via Zoom. The Zoom link will be emailed to you the Friday before by Pegasus.

Twinkling Stars Memorial Day

Memorial Day on Monday, May 27.

VCA Meeting will be delayed two days and held on WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 2024 at 9 a.m.

Trash pickup will be delayed one day and will be on WEDNESDAY, MAY 29.

Board and Committee Members are volunteers, please be respectful of their time and effort on our behalf. All communications pertaining to The Vines Community should be directed to Pegasus Management Company on 239-454-8568. Please refrain from contacting VCA Board/Committee Members before you contact Pegasus.

Many changes at Pegasus, see more below.

Hurricane season, the time to prepare is now. See more below.

Newsletter update - All new Committee information is in BOLD.

Best wishes to Robbie Robinson

Robbie, thank you for your dedicated years of service representing Lost Creek and for your tenure as President of The Vines Community Association. Many wonderful achievements have been realized under your leadership. Wishing you a delightful continuation of your retirement!


There have been many changes in personnel at Pegasus Management Company. Ashley Richardson, our representative, has moved on and we wish her all the best.

Welcome to our new Pegasus VCA representative , Heidi Bower. Heidi can be reached on 239-454-8568 or Renee Rosemeyer is her assistant and can be reached on the same number or at

Silver Oaks representative is Kelsey Angstadt,

her assistant is Jerry Tislow,

Grand Palm, Lost Creek and Fairway Bend respresentative is Heidi Bower

Southwind representative is Joel Messinger,

Please note there are multiple websites and logins. One for the VCA and one for your specific community. Please contact your representative or their assistant. They will help get you the information you need to get to access VCA and your specific community websites.

There are numerous items on the website that need updating. Documents, Board/Committee members, etc. Please give our new representatives an opportunity to make those changes.

A Friendly Reminder

Whether you live on Vintage Trace or in one of The Vines communities, there are rules and regulations which must be followed to provide the quality of community lifestyle and safety which are expected. Consequences for not following the VCA Rules and Regulations can include fines, suspension of bar codes and/or internet service.

VCA Rules and Regulations

Financial Statements

Chair - John Towey

The financials through March 2024 have been received from Pegasus.

The VCA portal on the Pegasus website enables residents to access the financials and much more. This week, each resident should have received an email from Pegasus containing an account number and password for login purposes. ( go to Member Log In and enter that account number and password. If you have an issue signing in or getting to the VCA portal, Renee Rosemeyer is the designated contact at Pegasus and can be reached on 239-454-8568.

Current Reserve Issue


Architectural Review Committee

Chair - Rick Knox

Every ARC Form submitted in the past month has been thoroughly reviewed and approved.

Modifications requiring an ARC Form (available on VCA website) and prior approval include but are not limited to: landscaping, exterior painting, lanai screening, lighting, roof replacement, storm shutters, tree removal and window replacement.

ARC forms can be found on The Vines Community Association website (click on About The VCA and Documents). Forms should be sent to Vangie Sidoti at Pegasus Management.

The Vines Community Association

Lake Bank Restoration

Chair - Bobby Dumont

In the near future, additional plants will be installed along the banks of Grand Palm, Southwind and #7 on the golf course.

Perimeter Barrier Replacement

Chair - Linda Chain

A major setback and disappointing news. After working tirelessly for many months and dealing with numerous vendors, contracting with the chosen vendor and recently working with engineers, site managers, village officials and county utility representatives, it has been determined that the barrier replacement project cannot move forward as planned.

When the sewer pipes were installed, by a now defunct company, they were laid in such a manner that we are unable, or rather, not allowed to build within 5 feet of the sewer pipes. There is a utility easement of another 5 feet at our fence line. However, about 85% of the property involved for the wall does not meet the standard for the utility companies. The Committee will be meeting in early May to determine what alternatives are available.

We understand that you have questions about why we didn't know about this prior to starting this huge undertaking. This issue never came to light until we sought the answers ourselves. Thankfully before work started. Please know, that no money was lost, just a lot of time and energy.

In the meantime, we will be getting new estimates for removing the broken piece of wall at the entrance, removing some of the trees, dead hedges and repairing the existing chain link fence.

Tis the season to remove our entrance plantings and get it looking beautiful with flowers that can handle the summer weather conditions. That should be happening soon.

Irrigation Project

Chair - Linda Chain


Hurricane Preparation

Chair - Mike Johnson

Now is the time to prepare. Attendance at a Hurricane Prepardness Plan course, offered by Polikoff & Becker law firm, resulted in the VCA Board and Pegasus updating the plans that are currently in place so that our community will be well prepared pre and post any serious event.

The VCA website ( click on Documents, includes hurricane preparation information. There are numerous other websites and publications that include very important and specific hurricane preparation guidelines. Please read as many as you can. Each offers comprehensive "to do" lists, contact information, shelter descriptions and locations, etc. ( click on Resident.

IF YOU STAY - be prepared with supplies. It can be uncomfortable/dangerous and terrifying. If an evacuation is ordered and you stay, emergency services (911) will not be available.

IF YOU EVACUATE TO A SHELTER - be prepared with food, bedding, medical supplies, etc. It will be crowded, noisy, uncomfortable.

IF YOU EVACUATE TO A "SAFER LOCATION" - be prepared and leave early. Otherwise, you will be stuck on a roadway looking for gas and rooms that are not available.

IF YOU ARE AT YOUR NORTHERN HOME - make sure your Vines home and belongings are secure. Make sure your homewatch person is on board and available to check on your home, make sure your contact information is up-to-date.

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Ian

Lake Water Quality

Chair - Bobby Dumont

The noise problem caused by the aerator motor in Silver Oaks persists. At this time, the motor in question has been turned off. Cross Creek Environmental, the VCA Board, and ECC are collaborating to resolve the issue.

Security Issues

Chair - Chip Strapp

There have been three instances of barrier arms being knocked down. Once by an employee and twice by guests of residents leaving the premises. Per our Rules and Regulations, Section 24, Violations and Penalties, a(i) and a(ii) the Club and Residents, whose employees or guests did the damage, are responsible and will be charged appropriately.

For information only - in order to prevent non-residents and/or contractors from exiting via the Nuthatch Lane exit, a bar code reader could be installed. The cost to install said device would be $12,900.

With spring break concluded, the presence of young people on our streets and neighborhoods will significantly decrease. However, there have been instances of youngsters from San Carlos fishing in the ponds. While some behave respectfully, others do not. They are trespassing and should be reported. If you observe trespassing, please report it directly to the Lee County Sheriff's office at 239-477-1200 or 477-1000. DO NOT CALL OUR SECURITY PERSONNEL. Our security staff can only report incidents they have directly witnessed.

Next month, I hope to include more information re: contacting LCSO when filing a trespassing complaint. What they expect from us, what we should expect from them and what our rights as residents are.

For those departing the area for a brief vacation or for the season, please ensure that your trash bins are stored inside your garage.



Chair - Bobby Dumont

Street lights in Grand Palm have been replaced. Refurbishing of various other street lights will be completed shortly.


Chair - Chip Strapp

What to do????

Cameras, radar? Costly to install, maintain and monitor.

Speed humps? Village of Estero assures us that speed humps are permissible. These humps are annoying for cars, carts, bicycles and can result in additional noise for residents.

Request police presence to monitor our roads? This would require that we increase the speed limit on our roads and allow an on-going police presence in our Community. Our ability to freely travel our roads by car or cart would be jeopardized. Additionally, carts would have to be refitted to be road worthy.

SLOW DOWN. Please consider all of the negative ramifications to our lifestyle.

Rails to Trails

VCA/ECC Coordinator - Bruce Ackerman

Committee members will be traveling to Sarasota to observe how that community has adapted their area for the Rails to Trails initiative.

Please continue to follow Facebook and Instagram pages and click the "like button" on RTT posts.

Pegasus will continue to issue updated information from the Rails to Trails Committee.

Your on-going support of this issue is important, please stay informed and involved.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages and click the “like” button on our posts.

The Committee is very active attending all of the Village meetings and making contacts in the San Carlos/Estero communities. They are working with all relavent parties to ensure that The Vines is involved in every aspect of the project. This is an important issue to all Vines residents. It will be a long term and time consuming effort, if you have an interest/expertise, please contact Bruce Ackerman or Mike Johnson.

Safe Trails Facebook Page
Safe Trails on Instagram

Community Relations

Chair - Mike Johnson

Mister CarWash has been notified about the black stains on our pavers caused by their tire cleaning solution. We have received assurances that power washing will eliminate the stains, but it will continue to be a recurring issue.

Wow, a lot of you early risers sent great sunrise pictures and thank you. These beauties are from Mike Johnson, Darlene Dongvilla and Beth Wardlaw.

Help make your newsletter more interesting, please send photos to

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