Thank You, Generous Donors!

We appreciate donations large and small, for their monetary value obviously, but also for their intangible value as votes of confidence. Chapín Lavon Page said "Giving to Chaptops is a no-brainer." It's hard to top that.

Before listing our donors, let me share some testimonials from students who used computers we provided to our partner CasaSito in San Cristóbal Verapaz:

The computer has been really useful for me and my brothers and sisters. We don't have a computer, and it was very difficult for my siblings and me to do reseach and homework on our cell phone.

-- Damaris

Thank you very much for the computer you provided. I'm grateful to God for touching the hearts of those that support me. This year, I set a record with my grades. I'm reaching my goals and dreams.

-- Vanesa

I'm grateful to Chaptops and CasaSito for lending me the computer. It's been very useful for me. I've been carrying out my seminar projects and writing my practicum reports. With the computer, I can turn everything in on time.

-- Keylin

Thank you for lending me the computer. I was able to turn in my assignments on time. It would be very difficult for my parents to buy a computer. I'm grateful to Chaptops and CasaSito for looking out for me.

-- Henry

I'm really happy. The school year is ending, and thanks to CasaSito and Chaptops I got good grades and received congratulations from my teachers. It wouldn't have been possible without the computer, which let me attend my virtual classes and turn in my assignments on time. I'm really happy and grateful!

-- Rosario

Jennifer, Cinthya, Dina and Vanessa:

Four CasaSito fans of Chaptops laptops.

The donors that made it possible (November 1, 2022 - October 1, 2023):

Chapines: $1000+

Tom and Marilyn Goehl

Dr. Yen-Ping Kuo

Francesmary Modugno and Jeff Eppinger

Lavon Page

Rex A. Dwyer

Shin Chang and Stephen Pratt

Quetzales: $500-$999

Chuck McCullen

Erica C. Dwyer

Alphabet matching grants

Expedidores: $100-$499

Anonymous (4)

Ashton Drew

Helen and Jim Dwyer

Nancy Goodnough

Guatemaltecos Unidos NC

Drs.Wen-Ling Hsu and Guy Jacobson

Marsha and Tom Hughes

Greg Schwendinger

Professor Dana S. Scott

Andy Smith

Matt Stallmann

Amigas $50-$99:

Anonymous (3)

Dina Fiorentino

Elizaveta Freinkman

Beverly Olson

Adriane Post and Paul Dwyer

Thanks also to Impromptuo (Joey Chang and Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim) for donating their musical talents for our benefit concert in December 2022.

herine Kyu Hyeon Lim Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim Katherine Kyu Hyeon LimKatherine Kyu Hyeon Lim

Happy Thanksgiving

from Chaptops!

... and a future Kak'ik.

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