Year-end Fundraising

Thanking Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday... yes, now it's Giving Tuesday. Like every other nonprofit, we're beginning our year-end fundraising campaign. I'd like to send you another report on a project around December 15, and a tax-deadline reminder on December 31, that's all! But if you want, you can unscubscribe now, and I'll put you back on the list in January.

I hope you won't wait until 11:59pm December 31 to give. We're all just going to get busier and busier and more prone to forget!

We're really proud of what's just been born inTactic! Contrary to the professional advice that we should "reduce donor friction" and put a donation button link here, we're forcing you to spend a few seconds to scroll through our "baby pictures" to the donation link. (Truthfully, we're fishing for compliments and hoping they will loosen you up a bit more, too....)

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Really Big News In Tactic!

Classes for Children

The Center just moved to a larger, more visible location in November. That's exciting enough, but there's more: While Americans were sitting down to shop at work on Cyber Monday, some kids in Tactic had their own kind of Cyber Monday, sitting down for our first twelve-hour, three-week-long computer camp. We're looking forward to updating you at the end of the course. Here's Day 1!

The new center is waiting.

A show of hands for Byron Cap, Program Director.

A different show of hands with instructor Oscar Buc.

Let's get started!


What I learned at Chaptops"

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First Word document ever!

And another.

Brother of the Year

This brother said he really wanted his sister to attend, too, and he asked if there was anything he could do to help out around the center to pay for her. Byron told him he could drop by and sweep up.

Rental Program Update

Our laptop rental program in Tactic marches on at the new site. Rental fees have paid the center's operating expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) since June. The school year has ended and most computers have been returned, but due to the center's more visible presence, we anticipate more rentals when the new year begins in late January.

Thirty-five renters took advantage of the rental program in September. Of these, 71% identified as indigenous Mayan. Six percent were middle-school students, 26% high-school, and 36% university students. Twenty-three percent were teachers. Sixty-three percent were female.

Our computers are in the hands you'd want them to be in: committed, needy students and their teachers.

Truly, it’s a great blessing for the lives of many Guatemalans. It’s a benefit for all of us and helps us to excel. - Ligia

It’s a great innovation that benefits us students and our parents, who can’t buy us a computer. - Leidy

A really innovative idea and a big help! - Roger

A great support for those of us who need and want to excel, since it gives us the necessary tools to keep studying and teaching. - Oswaldo

Hopefully, it will be around for a long time! - Victor

The Ask: Please Donate!

We feel proud of what we've been able to accomplish in a short time with your help. If you've donated, we hope you feel proud that you've participated. We started out asking just for money for shipping. Now we have a lot more going on. We need to pay the attendants at the Center and, as our classes begin to take off, teachers. To operate the classroom, additional tools and supplies are needed. We also plan to resume computer shipping in the new year. So here are some ways to donate.


Rex and the Team

Chaptops Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, EIN 88-241636, and donations are generally tax-deductible..