August 11, 2020
Dear #AAJAFam

Just like that, we are in FULL FESTIVAL MODE. (And if you missed karaoke last night, please ask about judge Ti-Hua Chang's Simon Cowell impression, "movement and thrills," and #PablosEyes.)

What did you think of Day 2? We want to hear all the pluses and deltas, all the roses, buds, and thorns. Let us know in the daily feedback form.
Today's Digest
  • Attention, AAJA Board Elections Voting Deadlines
  • George Kiriyama Karaoke Award Popular Vote
  • Tuesday Program & Festival Fun
  • #AAJA20 Week Ahead
  • Monday Highlights
  • Connecting at #AAJA20
Meme of karaoke judge Ti-Hua Chang by Jin Ding
Your Vote Matters...for the AAJA National Board & Karaoke
AAJA Board Election
Important Dates

Wednesday, August 12 - Voter eligibility deadline (must activate or renew membership by this date) by 8 p.m. ET

Thursday, August 13 - Voting ends at 8 p.m. ET

Karaoke Night Winners

Watch the judges' Top 5 entries of the 30th Anniversary Karaoke Competition and vote in the polls here to award the newly minted George Kiriyama Karaoke Award

(For a shorter highlight reel, check out this Twitter thread)
💡 FESTIVAL TIP: Do you want to host a group meeting at #AAJA20? The best times to do so are: Thursday between 11:30am - 1pm and Friday after 5pm. If you'd like to hold a group meeting on Pathable, you can have up to 32 participants and a time limit of 40 minutes. If your gathering will be larger or longer in duration, we recommend holding a separate Zoom meeting or other off-platform gathering.
Tuesday at #AAJA20
all times listed in ET
Start Tuesday with a power lunch hour at 11:30am: Clips & Conversations -- On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries, presented by CNN Natasha Chen moderates a duo of powerhouse AAPI political journalists, Kyung Lah and MJ Lee, about their lives and work covering the presidential campaign of a generation…and the social justice demonstrations and pandemic that impacted everything. Produced by CNN Films, On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries, started streaming on August 6 on HBO Max.
Then learn about the work of (& opportunities with) our exhibitors at our Speed Showcase from 1-2:30pm. Today's features: CBS News, Tegna Inc., Vox Media, McClatchy, Wall Street Journal, Axios, Columbia University, Verizon Media, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Time Magazine.




Close out the day with Reporting While Asian American: From 1600 Pennsylvania with Weijia Jiang, Seung Min Kim, David Nakamura, and Amna Nawaz.

Live from 1600 Pennsylvania, AAPI journalists are asking tough questions and holding the administration accountable. Hear from the journalists about how they carved their path to where they are, and what it takes to excel as White House correspondents.
Festival Fun
System Game Yesterday's entertaining competition has proved this is not to be missed, as a spectator or participant. Stop by tonight through Thursday night.

Unofficial Social Gatherings
Be sure to follow #AAJA20 on Twitter and hang out in the conference Hallway to find or start your own social gatherings with fellow participants.
Make Dumplings with Nom Wah Tonight
Although we're not meeting in person, food is always a big part of AAJA conventions.

This year, we're hosting two cook-alongs so that you and your whole family can whip up something delicious at home in togetherness with your #AAJAFamily. If you want to cook along, check out the ingredients lists to stock up your kitchen.
The Week Ahead

Women Do News Wiki Edit-a-thon Nominate a woman journalist for entry on Wikipedia and join fellow conference attendees today through Friday (2:30-4:30pm) to help edit or write entries, or just to hang out.
A Thousand Cuts Movie Premiere, Screening, and Talkback
Monday evening, you received the link to the A Thousand Cuts documentary in the email you used to register on Pathable. You have until Wednesday, August 12 at 6pm to watch it. Then, at 8pm, join Maria Ressa and filmmaker Ramona Diaz in conversation with Benjamin Pimentel to learn about the parallels between the Philippines and the United States, the importance of being a global citizen, and the role of social media and Silicon Valley in democracy.

2020 Dith Pran Instagram Photo Shootout Competition
Join in the photo competition this year with an entry on the theme "Coping With a Pandemic." Full competition details here. #AAJAPhoto

AAJA New York Chapter Hangout on Friday
AAJA New York is hosting a hangout on Friday, August 14 at 7pm. All are welcome regardless of chapter affiliation. Please RSVP here to receive the Zoom link. (Are you hosting an #AAJA20 social gathering? DM us on Twitter @aaja so we can hype you in these daily convention updates!)
Monday: Select Highlights
NBC Universal Power Hour: The 50% Initiative: JOCs in the Newsroom
Lawrence Yee (@lawryee) When a person of color applies for a management role, the feedback is "you're qualified, but" whereas non-POC hear "you're qualified, and" -- Yvette Miley, SVP MSNBC/NBC News #AAJA20

Think Public Media Showcase
Anika Varty (@anikavarty) In an #AAJA2020 session this morning, @emilykwong1234 said "If you love something, you don't want it to hurt you" to remind us to practice self care and avoid burnout. I love that. What a helpful way to think about protecting our ability to do work that we truly care about.

How to Make Your Newsletter Viable & Profitable
Cody Kitaura (@codytoshiro) "The newsletter worked as a Rolodex in a way." — @delia_cai on building relationships through her newsletter. "You're asking them to subscribe to you as a person." #AAJA20 (Full thread here)

Done "Paying My Dues"
Marian Liu 柳家明 (@marianliu) I use the word ease instead of confidence. Don't need to have a big personality, need good rapport, genuine authenticity, comfort with who you are -- @sixfigurestart on leadership #AAJA20

Pro Tips for Moving into Management
Elana Zak (@elanazak) Attending the "Pro Tips for Moving into Management" panel at #AAJA20. Crucial point from @AshleyAlvarado: It's important to differentiate between leadership and management. You can be a leader without being a manager. (Full thread here.)

The Social Isolation of Coronavirus: What AAPI Communities Need to Know and How to Cope, presented by AARP
Niala Boodhoo (@NialaBoodhoo) Things I've already learned at #AAJA20: Social isolation (objective term that refers to networks people have) is different from loneliness (how people feel), in the AAPI Social Isolation/Coronavirus workshop. (Full thread here.)
Laptops & Life at #AAJA20
We love all the selfies, desk set-ups, family, outfits (#AAJA20Chic), #PetsofAAJA20, screenshots, and slices of life we're seeing at #AAJA20. Thanks so much for sharing you. Here's a small selection of #AAJAFamily <3

Potential future JOCs having a power lunch with @NBCUniversal and @aaja. This is what the future looks like in so many ways... including, hopefully, more #workingfromhome for journalists. #aaja20 #WorkLifeBalance #workingmoms
Connecting at #AAJA20

💡 FESTIVAL TIP: Check out "The art of effective (virtual) networking" from the Lenfest Institute.

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