"A Book by Me!"

Deb Bowen of Aledo, Illinois, created a series of books written and illustrated for elementary school children by children. She was focusing children on stories that would be lost once the Holocaust survivors have passed away. She started preserving these stories with the help of young writers and artists in 2003. Then one day, she spoke in a small town outside of Peoria, and young Jon Mattern was in the audience. He was captivated with the project and wanted to write about a survivor who immigrated near his area. The only one Deb had heard of was me.

Jon's mom bought my memoir, Four Perfect Pebbles, and he read it cover to cover. Then he turned around and wrote a short version of my story called Never Lose Hope in Deb Bowen's series "A Book by Me."

Many students have told Deb over the years that these small, easy to read storybooks led them to read chapter books on the topic of the Holocaust. Some of these children mention my book specifically, and many say that the small books got them "hooked" on the subject of the Holocaust.

The door will soon be closed to interview someone from the WWII generation so action must be taken now. If you know a story that needs to be written, please find a student who would be willing to interview, write, and illustrate a "Book by Me." (perhaps two students working together on the project together). Perhaps one of your own children or grandchildren would like to get involved in this project. (Writer's guidelines are at
Kudos and many thanks to Deb Bowen for helping pass the legacy of the Holocaust on to so many young adults!

P.S. - Many of Deb Bowen's other titles in the collection are available on Amazon
P.P.S. You can contact Deb Bowen at


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Four Perfect Pebbles
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