Digest #367
We have lots of news this week.

The big Joby-related headlines of the week include:
LinkedIn, Zynga founders file for new $850M SPAC amid reported merger talks with Joby Aviation, Hippo and Joby Aviation SPAC Merger: RTP Stock Pops as Deal Talk Advances for the Flying Taxi Startup. We have other Joby news, as well. (Due to timing, we've combined three Joby articles into one.)

It has been a year since Looker was formally acquired by Google. What collaborations are in the works? Looker's Head of Product Marketing, Pedro Arellano, shares what's coming up.

Genentech Foundation has granted $875K to support programs at UCSC that provide academic support for underrepresented students in STEM fields.

"After Shock" special episode: Watch Rodrigo Nieto, Futurist at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey in conversation with Futurist Ian Khan.

We also have news from GetVirtual, HeavyConnect, Unnatural Products, Monarch Media, and Cosmic.

By the way, Chris Miller of Cloud Brigade has a request:
"Cloud Brigade is seeking local companies who can benefit from the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to their workflows in order to improve business outcomes. As a leader in emerging technology, we conduct research and development into potential use cases for AI and look for places to apply this capability." Learn more here.

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