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Did you know Logitech was in negotiations to buy Plantronics? Well... not any longer. We have two special reports from Monterey Bay Economic Partnership's 4th Annual State of the Region: one about drone development and production in our region --  Drone Hub? -- and the other about key findings from a regional broadband speed study. Two Pore Guys received a $2.8M grant from the Gates Foundation to develop a low cost molecular diagnostic test for tuberculosis.
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Is the Monterey Bay region uniquely resourced and advantageously located to become a hub for drone development and production?  Read this article.  
Here's the unexpected finding of a year-long broadband speed study by the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) and the Central Coast Broadband Consortium. Read this article
Two Pore Guys receives a $2.8 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a low-cost molecular diagnostic tests for tuberculosis (TB). Read this article.
Plantronics is no longer engaged in discussions with Logitech regarding a potential combination. Read this article.
Tech dividend: Chris Benner shares his idea on how California would benefit from a program modeled after Alaska's oil-industry annual permanent fund payments. Read this article.  
Adam Savage, unabashed fan of the Onewheel electric skateboard and self-proclaimed obsessive maker of things, visits the factory and assembles his own XR board. Watch the video.

Case Study: In partnership with California Community Colleges, productOps builds the NOVA software platform, a statewide system that allows easy approval/certification and expenditure reporting. Read this article.
TechCrunch spreads the word about Inboard selling its first premium electric scooter -- just in time for the holiday season. Read this article

Code Naturally partners up with schools from the Santa Cruz County School District to make Hour of Code a productive event for students/teachers. Read this article.
The lineup for the last Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup of 2018 includes Underground Engine, Arcadia Data, DeedItForward, Data Artisans, PangoPup. It's back at Cruzio on Dec 5. Read this article
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