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Last week we published an article about a key fiber line that was cut. The County of Santa Cruz weighs in this week with their perspective. We're sharing an in-depth article about Two Pore Guys so you can learn more about one of the various genomics/bio-science startups located on the Westside of Santa Cruz. What are the five things Lloyd Tab wishes he'd known before he became CEO of Looker? Find out. The Armada Group reveals the five most important programming languages you need to know if you want to position yourself as a top talent in today's market. Although Auto-tune -- yes, the audio processor -- has been around for almost two decades, you might not know there's a local connection. 
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After last week's fire/fiber article, the County of Santa Cruz weighed in and said the fiber cut had nothing to do with the fire. Read this article.

Auto-Tune, one of modern history's most reviled inventions, was an act of mathematical genius (and has local roots). Read this article.

Are you looking to position yourself as a top talent? Here are the five most important programming languages you need to know. Read this article.

University of California launches the "I am a UC Entrepreneur" campaign to highlight the work of UC alumni. Read this article
Two Pore Guys has created a biosensing device that may revolutionize the way we do medicine. Read this article.  
Hope you can still get a seat. Here's the lineup for the November 1 Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup. Read this article.
Western Growers and S2G Ventures have selected six finalists who will compete for equity investments totaling up to $250K. Read this article .
Lloyd Tabb shares "5 things I wish someone told me before I launched my startup" and why. Read this article.   
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