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After 199 digests, we're still cranking out the news you need to know. This is digest #200! Thanks, as always, to our supporting partners!

We have news from Cosmic, Blix, Looker (as they kick off their JOIN 2017 data conference in SF tomorrow), and UCSC's venerable Sci Comm program. We have a sweet story by a local web services provider who saved the day when disaster -- literally -- struck a global non-profit. And, be sure to check out our Q&A with Wallace J. Nichols, a recent speaker at the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup, and author of a best-selling book, Blue Mind.

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Top Stories 

Q&A: Scientist and author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols speaks out on pre-tech, low-tech, and high tech. What's that blue marble all about, anyway? Read this article.

Here's the story of a local web services provider who saves the day when disaster strikes -- literally -- for a global non-profit. Read this article.

Develop early. Develop often. Cosmic explains their integrated approach of website design, content, and development after moving away from the assembly line aproach. Read this article.

Does "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" sound familiar? The famous quote was communicated through a Plantronics headset, designed and built in Santa Cruz. Read this article.

As they head into JOIN 2017 in SF, Looker debuts as a 'strong performer' in enterprise BI platform report by leading independent research firm. Read this article.

From NASA TV to KQED radio to the pages of The New York Times, graduates of UCSC's venerable "Sci Comm" program played a major role in conveying the impacts of the solar eclipse to eager readers. Read this article.

Explore what Santa Cruz makes at Maker Showcase on Sept 16, hosted by Idea Fab Lab -- a space "for technical and artistic minds to come together and build a community." Read this article.

Blix, maker of electric bicycles, announces they've launched a new video series. What are the basic differences between electric bikes and standard bikes? Read the article and watch a video.

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