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Meet some of the minority women entrepreneurs who are playing significant roles in the traditionally male-dominated AgTech industry in the Salinas Valley & beyond. Cruzio CEO, Peggy Dolgenos, takes us through an overview of the Santa Cruz Fiber project, including what to expect when it comes to your neighborhood. The focus of the March 1 Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup is ALL LOOKER. Find out what Looker and a few of their customers plan to share with us. Angels by the Sea provides an update on recent investments as they cap their first year of operation. Researchers at the UCSC Center for Games and Playable Media have developed GameSpace, a "playable visualization of 16,000 videogames grouped according to common features and displayed in 3-dimensional space..." And, remember Futuristic Lights? They're still at it. Learn about Atom, their new product. Plus, Steve Blum, our Central Coast broadband expert, authors two articles this week: one about Monterey Bay broadband and the other about a new dig once rule in Salinas.

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From Farms to Incubators event profiles a panel of minority women entrepreneurs in AgTech. "The women describe the challenges they face as youthful, female, ethnic minorities in an industry of middle-aged, white males." Read this article.

Peggy Dolgenos: "We wanted to make sure you know why Santa Cruz Fiber is as great as we say it is. Here's what you can expect to see when Fiber comes to your neighborhood." Read this article.

Local startup funding group, Angels by the Sea, caps off its first full year with two new investments in Santa Cruz ventures. Read this article.

Futuristic Lights is still at it. Is their new product, Atom, the best light glove of 2017? You decide. Watch the video and read this article.

The focus of the March 1 SC Tech Meetup is ALL Looker. Their solutions, their customers, their culture, their explosive growth and plans to hire 50+ more employees in 2017. Read this article

GameSpace offers a playable visualization of 16K video games to help people discover games they're interested in and have some fun while doing it. Read this article.

Salinas promotes broadband development with new dig once rule, thanks to an ordinance approved by the Salinas city council. Read this article. 

Margaret Rosas: "When we announced that we were changing the name of the Looker support team to The Department of Customer Love, a few people thought we were pulling their legs." Read this article.

Monterey Bay broadband convened a technical expert group to answer: what kind of conduit, and how should it be designed? Read this article.

Quiet as Jupiter rising, Santa Cruz's newest radio show, Planet Watch, made its debut in the ether. Read this article. 

Salinas startup Food Origins receives Western Growers scholarship to advance AgTech development. Read this article.

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