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The Genomics Institute announces a new genomics browser that allows collaboration in the cloud. Looker launches support for Amazon Athena. #AgTech! Learn more about the Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT) in Salinas as they celebrate their one-year anniversary. Listen to Ag Tech Podcast, a new collaboration between Digital NEST and HeavyConnect. Read Pearl Auto's post-CES report. Inboard releases "The Torque" update. Read Cruzio's look back at 2016. UCSC receives $2.2M for an innovation and entrepreneurship program. ETR discusses their research in the role of Career Technical Education in preparing students for IT careers.

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Top Stories

The Genome Browser group of the UCSC Genomics Institute launches a new product that gives the freedom to safely collaborate in the Cloud. Read this article.

Listen to The Ag Tech Podcast --  a new collaboration by Digital NEST and HeavyConnect. Read this article.

Looker launches support for Amazon Athena -- the new interactive query service for data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Read this article.

Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology (WGCIT) in the City of Salinas celebrates one-year anniversary. Read this story

With $2.2 million in state funding, UCSC will launch a program to help bring research innovations to the marketplace and spur economic development in the Santa Cruz area. Read this article.

Growth and Action! Cruzio provides a look back at the wild ride of 2016. Read this article.

ETR's recent research sheds light on some of the challenges -- and potential solutions -- of boosting the pipeline to technology careers for underrepresented populations.  Read this article.

Pearl Auto at CES: "This first hand CES experience only further empowers us on our mission to provide the latest technology to the 260 million plus existing cars on the road today." Read this article.

Inboard releases the new firmware update for the M1 which they mentioned during CES. Read this article.

Dovetail Genomics announces the commercial launch of its new Dovetail Hi-C sequencing and assembly service. Read this article.

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