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Pearl released a major software update. (Who's Pearl? You haven't been reading Santa Cruz Tech Beat!) Amazon has plans for their first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Office Hours. Zero Motocycles has announced their new lineup for 2017. Find out what happened at CSUMB's Hackathon. We have two videos  from Looker, a webinar about Looker 4 and the keynote that Lloyd Tabb gave at Join 2016 on the importance of language in business and data. In another video, Iris and Ian discuss coworking legal resources.

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Watch: "Father of Llooker" Lloyd Tabb discusses the importance of llanguage in business and data. Watch the video.  

CSUMB Hackathon teams address diverse problems such as mapping campus, student hunger, youth financial literacy, youth transitioning out of foster care, and diverting recyclable materials away from oceans/waterways. Read this article.

Zero Motocycles has a lineup for 2017 that includes the world's first production electric motorcycle that exceeds a 200-mile range. Read this article.

Pearl releases a major software update for RearVision on both iOS and Android to boost performance and make it even easier to use. Read this article.

"Father of Bluetooth" at Plantronics is inducted into the 2016 Consumer Technology Hall of Fame for development of Bluetooth. Read this article.

Watch: Iris Kavanagh and Ian Stock talk about coworking legal resources in this Coworking with Iris video.
Watch the video.

Curious about Amazon Web Services? Attend AWS Office Hours to learn more about the trends, tools, and services for cloud computing. Read this article.

Watch: Learn about new functionalities of Looker 4 and the new and improved LookML in this webinar video. Watch the webinar.

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