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If you listen to the Reach West podcast -- an interview I call "Being on the other side of the table" and they call "The part where you're still writing your story" -- you'll find out that I enjoy working with student writers. Apropos, you can read a fine story from a summer intern who writes about the pleasures and challenges of working at Fullpower. Angels by the Sea gives an update about their funding activities. The County of Santa Cruz wins an award for their app. UCSC IEEE students are seeking tech presenters and sponsors for their upcoming conference. Read a review of the news from the Tech Meetup. And, there's more.

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Run-Sleep-Code-Repeat. A summer intern shares her experience working at Fullpower. Running on West Cliff? It's all part of the job. Read this article.

Angels by the Sea reveals the first three startups they've funded, and they invite qualified investors to join their group. Read this article.

Catbird Networks lends their expertise to a new report calling for a revolutionary approach to cyber security. Read this article.

UCSC IEEE students seek presenters & sponsors for their October conference. Read this article.

Tech startups Slick and Impact Scorecard were lured to Santa Cruz, and there's plenty more from the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup. Read this article.

The County of Santa Cruz is honored by the California State Association of Counties for the Citizens Connect app. Read this article.

Apple's nixes the 3.5mm headphone jack in their new iPhone. Wireless headsets will become more popular. This is likely good news for Plantronics. Read this article.

Ok, so Reach West Radio invites Santa Cruz Tech Beat's founder/publisher to be on their show. Here's a taste of being on the other side of the table. Listen to the podcast. 

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