“I have had ENOUGH of what this system does to people!!! How about you?!”

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Bob Avakian (BA), the leader and architect of “The New Communism” galvanizes people to revolutionary action: “State of Emergency: Chains on People who Desperately Need to be Free!” (August 14, 2023). This piece ignites my soul and set ablaze, the fiery passion in my heart to fight for humanity and for the life of the planet. This incredible scientist, and the movement he leads, is the way out of this hellhole that is the world today. Rev Books NYC is a nerve center for this movement. The explosive and exceptional programs honor the mission, to transform the people and conditions needed to prepare a fertile ground for revolution. I compel those who share my burning desire to bury capitalism/imperialism at the soonest possible time, to donate to RevBooks and meet my $1500 challenge. We must step up our efforts to put revolution on the map! This is the only hope we have to set humanity free!


I am a mental health provider. Day after day, I see and hear and feel, the ravages of what this system does to people and the profound suffering it inflicts. “Jane Doe”, risked her life to be smuggled into the US by “coyotes” from El Salvador. But they gang raped her and beat her and left her for dead in the dessert where she was picked up by ICE and landed in our psychiatric unit with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and plans to kill herself. There is “Janet”, who has serious opiate addiction, trying to cope with being prostituted from childhood and now she is part of a sex trafficking ring to get money for her heroin habit. I agonize over the 100,000 people who died over the past year of overdoses and the 49,000 who died by suicide. “Deaths of despair” in a brutal inhumane system that crushes the life out of people here and around the world. Many of my LGBTQ patients are afraid to leave the house because they are afraid they will be assaulted or even killed because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. I Work in an HIV/AIDS clinic and immigrants come from all over the world as fascism is erupting and they fear for their lives. Black and Brown people, in crisis over police murders. Women, dying and in crisis as they have more and more limited access to abortion and flood into the state. Patients with psychosis decompensate as they fail to navigate a world where tens of thousands die in Libya after a massive earthquake and floods kill tens of thousands in Morocco. Extreme climate events are producing millions of “climate refugees”, yet this issue will never be under this system.


I have had “enough”!!! How about you?!


Rev books is the place where the Revcoms and BA are showcased and brought to life! Programs and interviews that bring powerful material about the New Communism by BA is a blueprint for a new world. This a venue for fiery debates; exposing the horrors of capitalism/imperialism and why this is a “rare time” when revolution is possible. NOW is the time to step up! NOW is the time to step into the revolution! NOW is the time to get into BA and be a part of the soul of a revolutionary movement which is the only hope we have for a world worth living in and reaches for the highest aspirations of human. Dignity!