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Our big story this week is the debut of Pearl Automation and their first product. The heretofore stealth hot startup in Scotts Valley already has 70+ employees and $50M in Series A+B funding. Mike Clifton (aka Mr. Moho) tells his own story of Anime Studio. We share an excerpt from Winning with Data, the new "Looker Book" we wrote about last week. We've got several stories from UCSC, and one from Catbird.

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Pearl Automation, a hot local startup with $50M Series A&B funding, comes out of stealth today and debuts their first product. RearVision is the world's most advanced automotive backup camera. Read this story.

Creator Mike Clifton (aka Mr. Moho) tells the history of Anime Studio, and how it all took place, right here in Santa Cruz. Read this story.

Data breadlines and data brawls: here's an excerpt from the new book by Looker CEO, Frank Bien, and Redpoint Venture Capital Partner, Tomasz Tunguz. Read this story.

Catbird's CTO talks about why new security models are essential for highly virtualized data centers. Read this story.

A professor of computer engineering has received a $100K grant to develop technology solutions for low vision. Read this story.

The sky is no limit for this planet-hunting grad student who turned a powerful telescope into the first automated planet finder in the world. Read this story.

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health has called for a federated data ecosystem for sharing genomic and clinical data. Read this story. 
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