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This week you can find out where Looker ranked in the Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study. Learn about the book that Looker CEO, Frank Bien, and Redpoint Venture Capital Partner, Tomasz Tunguz have co-authored. Find out what Toby Corey (of Tuul) is doing next. Calliope has been gaining momentum and recognition after four months in an hardware startup accelerator in San Francisco. Find out what Zero Motorcycle is celebrating. Seebright has a new AR product out for $39.99.

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Toby Corey, co-founder & CEO of Santa Cruz-based Tuul, has just been appointed president of global sales and customer experience at SolarCity. Read this story.

Calliope is gaining momentum with their new Buoy product. Find out what they've been up to after a four month intensive at a hardware accelerator. Read this story.

The new book is called Winning with Data but I'm calling it "The Looker Book." You probably won't be able to make it into this book launch party, however. Read this story.

What do customers have to say about Looker? The company tops the Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Report. Read this story.

To mark a decade of pioneering electric vehicles, Zero Motorcycles has launched a limited edition 10th anniversary model. Read this story.

Seebright is launching a handheld augmented reality (AR) viewer, and it sells for $39.99. Read this story.

The number of women enrolled in computing majors is on the rise at UC Santa Cruz. 111 women are graduating with engineering degrees this year. Read the story

Google and Apple lag behind in self-driving car development, Musk says. Read this story.

The Grand Opening is June 15. Community TV and Satellite launch their co-working & digital media space. Read this story. 
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