Summer 2018 

For the last few months, Ontario's Holland Marsh was the site of a worldwide competition targeting phosphorus water pollution, which creates harmful algae blooms in freshwater bodies around the world.

The team that develops the most cost-effective, scalable technology to remove and recover phosphorus from freshwater bodies will win the George Barley Water Prize: $10 million from The Everglades Foundation.

"The 90 days we spent on Ontario's Holland Marsh conducting the Pilot Phase really defined the energy and passion behind The George Barley Water Prize," shares Loren Parra, Director of The Prize.  "We wanted the third stage of the prize to prove the durability of the technologies, so that if released to market, they could operate in the coldest winter conditions." 

The Clarington Board of Trade and Office of Economic Development has provided us with an article on the the progressive growth of the cannabis sector in Clarington, where there is already three licenced producers employing over 150 people, and four more companies on their way.

"The business case for cannabis facilities choosing Clarington is justified by many factors, such as affordable industrial land, ease of access to major transportation networks such as highway 401, support from the Municipality of Clarington, CBOT and stakeholders in the Region of Durham."

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and the Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance are hosting a free one-day workshop and bus tour on small plot agriculture in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Tuesday, September 18

The workshop will be relevant to planners, economic developers, agri-food organizations, farmers, and other stakeholders interested in learning about small plot agriculture and its economic opportunities.

For more information, visit our website; and stay tuned on our Twitter page for an RSVP link!

The 9th Annual Farmers of Uxbridge Night is coming up on Thursday, August 30, at the Uxbridge Arena Community Hall, offering visitors the opportunity to meet local farmers and learn about local agriculture.

Then, on Saturday, September 1, the Durham Region Plowmen's Association Plowing Match is also taking place in Uxbridge at Brooks Farms. 

The York Region Plowing Match will follow at the same location. 

Registration is now open for York Region's free Business Waste Reduction Forum on Friday, September 28, from 8 a.m. to 12 noon at Vaughan City Hall.

The Forum is designed to provide businesses in the region with insights about practical waste reduction solutions that can be implemented to reduce costs and enhance their business bottom line. Learn more.

With the upcoming legalization of cannabis on October 17th, many working in government have questions and plenty to learn about this new emerging market.

InfoNex is hosting a conference on October 2-3 in Toronto that might be of interest to some municipalities, Preparing for Cannabis Edibles, offering  comprehensive information for managing and regulating cannabis edibles in Canada.  Learn more on their website here.

It's still summer out there, meaning there's still time to visit the abundance of farmers' markets across the Golden Horseshoe! 

If you're looking for local food or markets near you, b e sure to check out your region's or city's farm map here

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy last few weeks of summer filled with fresh food!
Janet Horner, Executive Director,
Golden Horseshoe Food and Farming Alliance