June 2024

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Which candidate scored better on web accessibility?

When it comes to web accessibility, the presidential candidates have some things in common: missing alternative text and low contrast among them. "Of all the things that can go wrong with web accessibility, these are among the easiest to remedy," writes WebAIM's John Northup. (WebAIM is part of the Institute for Disability.) See how the candidate websites compared in automated and manual testing on the WebAIM blog.

Images are from the Biden and Trump campaign websites.

a blind boy uses a tablet, while his service dog stretches across his lap.

Call for Abstracts: DDNJ Special Issue

This special issue will be dedicated to evidence-based processes and practices for entities to ensure the accessibility of digital content, information, services, programs, or activities. We need to know not only the challenges, but also solutions within the context of the lived experience of people with disabilities, their families, and the communities in which they live.

Abstract submission deadline: July 19, 2024. Abstracts will be reviewed by July 29, 2024. Invited full articles are due October 18, 2024. Find more submission details on our blog.

portrait of Melissa

Pride Month: Allies and Advocates--What They Are And How To Become One

"As a person with a very intense intersection, it is important to give voice to these causes, because so often they are overlooked in our society today," said Melissa Malcom King during a presentation for Utah's Multicultural Disability Network. She explained that nearly her entire life she felt excluded or judged, whether that was for being black, disabled, or queer, pushing her to "put on a mask" to feel accepted. You can watch her presentation--and many others reflecting diverse points of view--on the Community Of Practice playlist.

a hand holds a note that reads, "You are not alone.

Guest Blog: Speaking In The Struggle

Guest blogger Kirsten Barraclough writes about mental health, disability, and considerations to take while looking for an appropriate therapist. "We all have bad days and sad times," she says, "but depression is more than sadness. Anxiety is more than nervousness. If you find that your mental health is interfering with your day-to-day life significantly, seek professional help. If you find mental health professionals that are the right fit for you, they can become an invaluable part of your support system." Read her advice on our blog.

A girl holds up artwork at an outdoor fair

News From Around the Institute for Disability

Pictured: A young attendee at the ECHO Project booth during the Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Cache County Fairgrounds.

IDRPP staff appeared on two national podcasts to discuss disability issues. Audrey Juhasz, Ph.D, spoke on Public Health Review Morning Edition regarding the institute's research on disability and chronic health.(4 minute listen.) And WebAIM Director Jared Smith spoke to Assistive Technology Update on the critical need for web accessibility (27 minute listen).

SPARK, a research project and autism research community of individuals, families and researchers, published a summary report on IDRPP research by Ty Aller, Ph.D. The report focuses on psychological flexibility and life satisfaction among autistic adults with mental health concerns.

The TAESE Interpreter Mentorship, Education, & Training (IMET) Project supported events in Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Project ECHO has posted a new recorded session on mental health and hope. A second ECHO session covers stigma awareness as it relates to substance abuse.

UATP offers useful tips on accessible gardening.

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DCFS Foster Care System

Time to Act ECHO

June 12th

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health- Lifespan ECHO

June 19th

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Workplace Supports Training

Center for Employment and Inclusion

June 19th

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Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health- Lifespan ECHO

June 19th

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