Issue V
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The Dilemma of Visibility in the
Virtual Classroom
by Winona Wynn, Heritage University

Our recent mandatory and self-imposed situational isolation has contributed to our scrutiny of gatherings of any size. Some of us have been more alone with our thoughts than ever before. A collective, visceral cry to be seen and heard echoes throughout proverbial caves. As one compelling poem of the mystic, Rumi, suggests, Who are we in this complicated world?
Forged in the Fire: Black Identity and Art
by Awendela Grantham, North Carolina A & T State University

There is no room for public dialogue if we cannot identify and measure the extent of what has happened. Stereotyped representations of Black and Brown peoples exist everywhere—in art, music, TV, Internet, advertising. We are polarized between those who resist (like Nat Turner, 1831) or those who “get along” with everyone (like Rodney King, 1991). Where can we find a “safe space” for constructive dialogue about race relations?

Pioneering the Humanities in Digital Form: a Collaboration between the Oplontis Project and the ACLS Humanities E-Book Series
By John R. Clarke and Nayla K. Muntasser

As the world struggles with the horrifying toll that the COVID 19 pandemic is taking on lives and livelihoods, from time to time moments of clarity emerge, providing a glimmer of hope that positive outcomes are possible. In a very small way, a decision made over a decade ago that was met with some skepticism within the humanities, has turned out to have been prescient and doubly valuable.
Migranthood: Youth in a New Era of Deportation
By Lauren Heidbrink

Alongside young people’s diverse migratory trajectories, Migranthood traces how securitized approaches to migration management, often under the guise of “development,” is a mode of governance that moves across and beyond geopolitical space. National and regional securitization programs, border externalization policies, and detention and deportation are enlisted to manage desired and undesired migrants, increasingly ensnaring children and youth in this global immigration dragnet.
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by Clare Doyle

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