Hello Jackie,

Have you ever thought to yourself, "that's a great idea!" Then, did you wonder how you could share that idea? A TEDx stage is a terrific place to share YOUR genius with thousands of people.

It just so happens, I'm giving you a chance to shape your idea into a brilliant message. I have a VIP day where clients invest $10,000 to have their speech completed in two days (in a tropical location no less). However, I'm giving you 5 hours with me to make an investment just as valuable, with less money.

Unlock your true potential with my one-time offer supporting my team and I as we head to Tanzania! Our humanitarian mission will focus on helping school children in Moshi, Tanzania to know their genius and brilliance.

You can play a big part in our efforts. You can invest in yourself and invest in Tanzanian children at the same time!

By the end of your ten sessions, you will have unearthed the three essential components of a TEDx talk. You will have identified and gathered your own inspiring stories and compelling statistics to add credibility to your TEDx talk. Plus, you'll also create a title so captivating that TEDx organizers will be excited to hear your message.

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Jackie Bailey

International Conversation Coach for Kids | The Speak Feed Lead Project

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