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Welcome to 2022 with Serving USA!

Another year, means another chance to make a difference.

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How Serving USA is supporting

Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Serving USA partners with the most recognized professionals working to prevent human trafficking and slavery in the United States. We have seen prevention begins with education and awareness, and the organizations we support work diligently to offer trainings, resources, and outreach in their communities. Combatting a $150B global felonious industry which is prevalent in every city of our country presents huge challenges. Adding to the difficulty is this problem also exists in the dark depths of cyberspace where 92% of active, high-frequency sex buyers browse online for their next purchase.

Apprehending and outwitting these criminals by using new techniques and innovative methods must occur to make impactful changes and save lives. Our partners at The Guardian Group are an example of high-tech heroes who are patrolling the internet and monitoring online to protect the vulnerable from exploitation.


When victims escape from their abusers, they’ve often experienced multiple forms of violence resulting in a variety of traumas which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. It can be a challenge for them to find shelters and programs offering security, holistic care and therapy as these quality institutions are in short supply. Recognizing this need, our originative partners at the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance have developed a ground-breaking resource ‘Alliance Referral System’ to make the placement process easier for survivors and their advocates as they locate new residences to begin their healing journey.


At Serving USA we continue to seek out and support anti-trafficking organizations offering housing, education, vocational and employment opportunities so more survivors are given back their freedom and hope for a brighter future. Join us in this work by learning more about our 2022 partner grantees and how you can support their efforts.

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Prisoners for Christ

Brookside Community Development Center

New Hour for Women and Children - Long Island

Orange County Rescue Mission

Pillar of Fire Church San Diego

The SoulFisher Ministries

Tapestry Church

ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry Services)

Emily’s Place 

Grit into Grace

Guardian Group


National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance

REBOOT Recovery

Restoration Ranch

Wings of Refuge

For a list of ALL Serving USA partners, please click here.

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Donations to Serving USA will be matched, and all monies directly support our partners.

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Team Serving USA

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Did you know about these Veteran benefits?

10 Veteran Services

  1. Long-term Care
  2. Caregiver Support
  3. Death Benefits
  4. Non-College Degree Programs/Certificates
  5. Transferring GI Bill® Credits
  6. Free Tax Preparation
  7. Life Insurance
  8. Mortgage Help
  9. VA Foreclosures
  10. American Corporate Partners

Share this with a veteran who might benefit from these services!

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