"We're. Not. Going. Anywhere!"

Erin Uritus has a clear message to those who would take our rights, our hope, and our power.  

Intersex Awareness in the Workplace

Are you looking to learn more about the Intersex community? Check out this webinar from our archives – just in time for Intersex Day of Solidarity – to learn about this community’s experiences and the forms of discrimination that its members face in the workplace.
Landon Richie Inspires with His Brave Journey

GenderCool champion Landon Richie shares his inspirational coming out story and the importance of finding his community. At 16 years old, Landon travels across the country to share his story to help others on their journey.
Jim Fitterling, Dow Chief Executive Officer

It's not every day that the CEO of a major Fortune 100 company makes a public statement about including transgender people in the workplace. But that’s exactly what Dow CEO Jim Fitterling did during the Out & Equal Workplace Summit! Fitterling tweeted an invitation to one of the conference speakers - a 17-year old young transgender man - to be in touch when he was ready to join the workforce.