February 5, 2023

2023 Haiti Update

Moving forward, a feeling of hope in the country of Haiti through the efforts of WWB.

We have continued to advance our efforts toward the more Southern areas of Haiti and expand the reach of the team. A terrible outbreak of cholera in that Southern area has been wreaking havoc throughout the communities there. The Southern areas of Haiti have been the most affected areas of the country by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes. Water has always been one of the hardest resources to get to these more remote areas. So now more than ever our efforts are truly most life changing for these people. Over 11,000 Water Women were trained in Haiti in 2022, and our goal is to train even more this year, and hoping to reach 15,000 Water Women trained in 2023.

Our efforts in Haiti have been aided by the donation of a truck to help transport our equipment and workers throughout the area to train Water Women and deliver filters. The truck was delivered from Florida to Haiti recently and has been a massive help to the team and has also helped to keep the transportation budget down for the team. One of the biggest roadblocks for our team in Haiti has been getting the filters and buckets delivered to them so that their team can get them out to the people and provide training. So, the supply chain issues that have been plaguing so many industries around the world are also affecting our efforts in Haiti.

Water With Blessings is continuing to forge new inroads in these communities in our attempt to drive cholera out of these areas and increase the quality of life for the people of Haiti. Of the communities that we have saturated nearly all of them have had no cases of cholera reported. Clearly the people of Haiti are in the midst of a water crisis, but we can see hope in the areas that our team has been able to reach. The cholera outbreak can and has been affected by our efforts. Now is the time to push forward into the Southern areas of Haiti and bring clean water to God’s thirsty children. Are you with us?

Click here to see the story map which provides powerful evidence for our contra-cholera success in Haiti!
Haiti Webinar from December 2022
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You’re Invited (virtually) to a party in Honduras!

You may recall our announcement earlier this month: on Saturday, February 11, 2023, we’re celebrating 15 years of Water Women in Honduras, where it all began in February 2008. Co-founders Arnie LeMay and Sister Larraine Lauter will be traveling this week to Valle de Angeles, where 150 Water Women and their children will gather for a wonderful party, thanks to our kind friends at Sawyer Products, the source of the amazing Sawyer PointONE filter. 

Want to attend virtually? Stay tuned for more information. The party location is fairly remote, but we hope to be able to livestream, at least for a short time, so that our US friends can share their messages of congratulations with WWB Team Honduras.

Upcoming Webinar

Appalachia Water Challenges

February 23 2023, 12 PM EST

Registration Required: Click Here

As Water With Blessings, we hold that every one of God’s children, everywhere, every day, should be drinking clean water. Thank you for holding this vision with us... thank you for helping Water Women bring the vision to reality. It all counts. Blessings for that!

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