Child Safety

Hello Carolina,

At World Hug Group, we believe that it is important for every person to have the correct understanding of abuse and the proper tools to deal with it. This is vital to be able to work together towards the prevention of child abuse and the promotion of family wellness. We are proud to share resources and information on child safety so that we can be an empowered community of active bystanders. Thank you once again for joining us!

There are many ways to promote child safety in our daily life. One of them is to get informed and share what we learn with others. Understanding abuse is an important first step towards learning how to recognize and stop it. Information also empowers us to know what to do if we witness any kind of abuse. If you want to learn more about it you can click here: 'Together Against Abuse.'

Learning from experts in the field, gives us greater insight into the issues at hand as well as practical solutions to keep kids safe. This is why WHG is continuously working with professionals to find the right tools to share with you. If you have any questions, comments or ideas we always love to hear from you.

What topic would you like to hear from the experts about?
How to recognize abuse
How to become an active bystander
What to do if you witness abuse



Educamp is a camp for children in Costa Rica that fosters responsibility with themselves, with others, with the community and the planet.

It has been in operation for more than 16 years and their programs and activities have positively impacted thousands of children and parents throughout the years.

World Hug Group has been working in partnership with EduCamp for over two years to bring fun tools and resources to empower children and their families to practice safety.

During this past season, there were many activities that were included in their program to teach their campers how to learn to recognize safe vs unsafe behaviours and environments:

  • The Safety Hand
  • How to say NO
  • Botanical self-care for children
  • The hat of good decisions
  • The games of the stars
  • My Safe World

If you would like to know more about these activities and how to do some of them at home, in your school, etc. please visit our website HERE.


As a response to great questions that came from our community we organized an online conference on 'Child Safety' on February 6, 2023.

We had the privilege to host two experts, in the fields of child abuse and healthy upbringing. This conference was free and we had more than 270 registered participants.

Meet the experts:

Dyalá Castro Cabezas is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience with survivors of child sexual abuse and trauma. She is also certified in EMDR therapy and is the director of "Integrativa: Center of Psychology and Integral Development' as well as a consultant for many organizations on trauma, mental health and child abuse. She explained, among many other important concepts, that in sexual abuse of boys and girls by adults there is no such thing as consent. Sexual contact between an adult and a child should not take place under any circumstance. (This includes whether it is in person with or without physical contact or online).

Monica Berrocal Kriebel is a child and adolescent psychologist. She also has a Masters degree in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard University and has worked as a consultant for several NGO's such as Paniamor and Unicef as well as for the Government of Costa Rica. Monica talked about the importance of having healthy relationships in our lives. She explained that from the moment a child is born, they need the care of people around them to survive. She mentioned that there are many studies that highlight the importance of having people around us to be able to cope with difficult situations.

If you would like to listen to the entire conference, you can access the recording HERE.

(The video is in Spanish with English Subtitles).

And one more time, we would like to thank our experts for their time and experience shared with us.


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