Full STEAM Forward is dedicated to promoting equity in science education by engaging girls of color, from underserved communities, in STEAM enrichment programs designed to foster a sustained passion for the sciences.

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter as we continue our mission to foster a love for science in girls of color and empower a future generation of girls in STEM fields.

We had an exciting February and are delighted to share some stories of inspiration, discovery, and empowerment while highlighting recent events that showcase the power of education, imagination and exploration.

With gratitude,

Joni Bessler

CEO, Full STEAM Forward

Celebrating Black History Month By Imagining a Future Filled with Possibilities

“A student dressed as Katherine Johnson”

Throughout the year our girls regularly learn about the invaluable contributions of women in STEM fields and particularly women of color. This past month, in celebration of Black History Month, we encouraged our girls to dream big and imagine what it was like to be one of those trailblazers in science.  It was truly inspiring to witness our students engage in this role-playing activity, allowing their imaginations to soar, by stepping into the shoes of groundbreaking archeologists, mathematicians, engineers, and chemists. Students came dressed as Katherine Johnson, Gladys West, Marie Daly, Alice Ball, Mae Jemison, Marguerite Williams, Lisa White, Bessie Coleman, and Gloria Ladson-Billings.

A special standout moment came when one of our students confidently stated that she was coming as herself as a future mathematician! We were thrilled to see her embrace the idea that one day, she too, would be a trailblazer.

Exploring Science Together at the New York Hall of Science

Venturing beyond our virtual programs, our Year 3 students and alumni embarked on a thrilling excursion to the New York Hall of Science, where they immersed themselves in a world of scientific wonders. From exploring the intricate balance of our ecological systems to unraveling the mysteries of energy in our daily lives, our students were captivated by the interactive exhibits throughout the museum.

The Maker Space sparked their creativity as they crafted new inventions and dove into the fascinating world of chemistry with a mesmerizing dry ice demonstration that left both our girls and their families in awe.

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A student proudly showing the project she designed of an eco-friendly home.

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