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Have questions about the solar tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act? We created this handy slide presentation with easy-to-follow info and examples, along with qualifiable projects. More
Want to know how the grid is doing under current conditions? ERCOT's live snapshots show the timestamp when the information was last updated. Click the Full View link on a dashboard for an expanded display. More
When your rooftop solar system produces more electricity than your home is using, the excess flows back onto the grid to other users. With a 'buyback' electric plan, you earn bill credits or cash. Here's a list of current residential buyback plans for Texas solar owners. Rates and terms vary. More
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In its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook, the U.S. EIA expects that increased U.S. power generation from new renewables capacity—mostly wind and solar—will reduce generation from both coal-fired and natural gas-fired power plants in 2023 and 2024.
U.S. Energy Information Agency 1/19/23

The substantial change in the way the state’s market works will first be reviewed by the Legislature. 
The Texas Tribune 1/19/23

Texans can sign up to use solar-powered batteries and other energy devices to make money in the state’s power markets, under a pathbreaking new grid program.
Canary Media 1/27/23

Transmission lines maintained by the Lower Colorado River Authority led to outages in Boerne, New Braunfels, and San Antonio. Local utilities waited for repairs.
KENS5.com 2/2/23

This wave of fossil fuel power plant failures disproves the stubborn myth that natural gas and coal are our most reliable sources of power. In case after case, gas and coal plants struggle when the electricity is needed most, while renewable energy resources such as wind and solar outperform expectations.
Bloomberg Law 2/3/23

The state is also home to a politically powerful oil and gas industry, and many members of Texas’s Republican government have been clear that they want those resources to be the answer to the state’s grid woes.
Time 2/3/23
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