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You and I have something in common: We both agreed to reincarnate during the greatest transformation of the ages, in which the true core of humanity is being summoned to Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are, so we can dismiss the substitute that's taken over, and restore truth and wholeness. Here in the season of Scorpio you can't get to love without vanquishing everything in its way. In the coming weeks if burdens pile up, remember your soul agreed to shovel the shit to get to the compost.


The Resurrective Power of the Scorpion
By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain,Vermont
Through all of October and November the Dragon's Tail, or South Node of the Moon, remains at 14° Scorpio, one of the hardest-working degrees of the zodiac, whose job is to dig out the ways you haven't been true to your soul or aligned with your purpose. 

A melancholy tone in this degree can overwhelm you with hyper-awareness of what's been lost or broken, but, true to Scorpio, it's far better to face those feelings than suppress or deny them. Once the magnitude of what's been lost penetrates your ego armor of self-defense, the resurrective power of the Scorpion will get to work down deep in you, turning fear to hope, and loss to renewal.

The mystical regeneration of 14 degrees Scorpio turns self-judgment to self-love, once you release yourself from guilt based on the record of the past.
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 If you become ready to leave those ghosts behind, your humility and vulnerability will open body and soul to new life, your own as well as that of significant others you're connected to by karma and destiny.

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