This presentation will introduce attendees to the unique needs of fire service members seeking behavioral healthcare, given by Dr. Abby Morris, a board-certified psychiatrist and Medical Director at the IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery. In her three and a half years at the IAFF Center of Excellence, Dr. Morris has worked with over 1,300 professional fire fighters, paramedics and dispatchers and developed unique insight into effective strategies for treating these individuals that will be shared with attendees. Additionally, participants will develop a further understanding as to how the occupational demands of the fire service impact a member’s behavioral health, learn new or enhanced best practices for treating fire service professionals and discuss treatment options that are most appropriate with consideration to these unique occupational needs including medication management, psycho-education and coping strategies.

This presentation is ideal for medical and clinical professionals seeking to treat or currently treating fire service members and IAFF members, fire service leadership, peer support team members, chaplains, spouses and other individuals in a capacity to support first responders in treatment and recovery.