Thanks to all who participated in our
2021 MLK Day of Service!!! Success!!!
A delivery was made today, 1/18/2021 to Access Warren Family Health Center of the following:
6 "Why We Can't Wait" by Martin Luther King Jr
8 Studio Colored Pencils
7 "Shades of Black" board books
7 Make No Mistake erasable markers
11 Jumbo Crayons
5 Inspiring Change coloring Books
15 "Hey Black Child" board books
8 Glow Frogs and Lizards Puzzles
8 Brilliant Beeswax crayons
6 African Fashions coloring books
12 African Elephant puzzles
13 African Art and Design coloring books
7 African Women Coloring books...

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SRB Botanica
SRB Botanica products available @Afriware Books (online)

We are so happy to reconnect with Stephanie Rose Bird, author, artist, and now a Botanica owner. Bird has joined us in the past for a few book signings and we've always enjoyed her interactive approach. For example, she passed around some of the herbs mentioned in her books during the signing and took us all outside to smell the sweetgrass she burned. It was so delightful. Check out an interview we did recently to find out more about what she's been up to. Now that we're all safely social distancing, we will ask you to check out her unique offerings through the purchase of samples. I for one can attest to the wonderful fresh scents that linger on the body and hair. 
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