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April 2024

April is National Volunteer Month!

In 2023, our volunteers put in more than enough hours to equal 6 full-time employees. SIX! We aren't exaggerating when we say, we don't know what we, and this community, would do without you! We treated them to a lunch put together by our staff to show our appreciation for all they do.

Interested in volunteering alongside some of these GREAT humans?

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Stamp Out Hunger is


Each year, letter carriers across the country head out on their routes on the second Saturday in May (May 11th) to collect donations of non-perishable food items to benefit local food pantries.

The need is great, but you can help!

Simply leave your donation of non-perishable food in a bag near your mailbox on the second Saturday in May, and your letter carrier will do the rest.

Stepping Stones Receives Grant from CFDC

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation Dunn County, we are moving forward with our much-anticipated renovation project for our backyard space at the Broadway Shelter!

A backyard area plays a vital role for families - it’s a place of solace, community, and recreation. Our current space needs some significant updates to make it more accessible, safe, and enjoyable for everyone who calls our shelter home.

Leadership Menomonie stopped by as part of their focus on Health & Human Services this month. Between tours of the Cairn House and pantry, they had a friendly competition packing more than 500 SAM bags for Project SAM. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about us!

Happy Birthday!

Girl Scout Troop #3226 donated birthday bags which are given out to families in the shelter who let us know they are celebrating a birthday in their family. The bags contain a variety of things such as cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, decorations, small party favors, etc.

Thank you Girl Scout Troop #3226 for making birthdays special!

Serving All of Dunn County

Once a month, we drop off pantry bags to the Hmong Friendship Center with food curated to their dietary needs to be distributed to the elderly or disabled within the Hmong community. This usually ranges from 10-30 bags depending on current need.

This program began in July 2023. Amanda Davis (pictured), our pantry assistant, serves on the counsel for the program.

Assistant Director (FT)

Looking to make a difference in Dunn County? Do you have marketing, public relations, and/or development experience? Join a great team at Stepping Stones and be part of the good work being done!

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