"Leadership sets the stage for what’s appropriate in organizational culture. When leaders signal that conformity produces success, some cover and others leave. But when leaders signal that authenticity and diversity are valued and a priority, people stay and thrive. " — Erin Uritus

Ground your allyship in consultation with this tip sheet to help ensure generative discussions with your LGBTQ colleagues and around LGBTQ workplace issues.

The LGBTQ community is vast and complex. This resource document offers an accessible entry point for anyone looking to get a better handle on the different identities within the community and language to avoid in order to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Taking center stage can be incredibly daunting especially when you are paving new ground on an international level. Listen to Adam Rippon recount his path to fearless authenticity as an out Olympic athlete and media sensation.
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Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is currently working to have all global managers to complete a curriculum unpacking unconscious bias and privilege. By making this sort of education a central part of their D&I strategy, Dell is creating awareness that will give their leaders the tools to embrace difference.