May is Mental Health Awareness Month


Introducing our new name.... Alliance Child & Family Solutions is now...


Navigating your path to living a healthy and authentic life.

The desire to rebrand is to be more inclusive of the individuals, couples, families, and communities we serve across all of Texas. Though our name and logo are changing, our Mission and Vision are clearer than ever.

OUR MISSION: To provide life-changing mental health services to Texans with a focus on vulnerable populations

OUR VISION: A resilient community with access to resources to live a healthy and authentic life

Learn how you can get involved in Mental Health Awareness Month and about Empathy:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and NTX Giving Day is partnering with The Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation to amplify gifts given in the month of May!

Every gift of $15 or more receives an additional gift of $15! AND, the two organizations that receive the highest number of individual donors this month will earn a $5,000 award. Click here to make a gift of $15 today toward life-changing services today! Your donation makes a difference.

Here is how one group of Eighth Grade students chose to raise awareness of mental health and support our efforts:

What does it mean to have empathy with others?

Check out this great short featuring the words of Brené Brown on the difference between Empathy and Sympathy:

Our website is in process of being updated to reflect a whole new look and our new name! Please bare with us while we roll out these changes in our efforts to better reflect our Mission, Vision, and the community we serve.

When you support EmpathyHQ, you support countless individuals each year!

Check out what we were able to accomplish TOGETHER last year:


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Individuals Served

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