Hello Michael,

There has been a shakeup at the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF)!

The RPOF removed its Chairman, Christian Ziegler, and elected its replacement Chairman, Evan Power, in a special meeting called specifically for this purpose in January.

Changes in leadership always come through negotiations conducted by the various factions represented in the Party. In short, there was a lot of horse trading going on.

As usual, the Lake County Republican Party delegation, led by Chairman Anthony Sabatini, was in the middle of it. Ultimately, in exchange for Sabatini’s support of newly elected RPOF Chairman Evan Power, the RPOF was persuaded to adopt a slate of legislative priorities for the 2024 legislative session. As far as I know, this is a first for the RPOF. I don’t know of another time when the RPOF adopted legislative priorities.

The 2024 legislative priorities of the RPOF are posted below. The Lake County Republican Executive Committee was the first Republican Executive Committee in Florida to adopt legislative priorities. The RPOF followed suit. That’s leadership.

Thank you, Chairman Anthony Sabatini!


The Republican Party of Florida’s

Top Ten Legislative Priorities for 2024

Term Limits for County Commissioners

(Salzman/Ingoglia HB 57/SB 438)

Ending Forced Politically Correct Pronouns

(Chamberlin/Martin HB599/SB 438)

Ending Rainbow Flags on Government Buildings

(Borrero/Martin HB 901/SB 1120)

Protect Historic Monuments

(Barnaby/Martin HB 395/SB 1122)

Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender in Florida

(Bankson/Rodriguez HB 697/SB 750)

Reduces the Minimum Age for Firearm Purchases to 18

(Payne HB 1223)

Gender and Biological Sex

(Bankson/Black HB 1639)

Unauthorized Public Camping and Sleeping

(Garrison/Martin HB 1365/1530)

Balanced Federal Budget

(Gregory and Sirois/Ingoglia HB 703/SB 324)

Congressional Term Limits

(Borrero/Ingoglia HB 693/SB 326)

The RPOF Legislative Priorities for the 2025 Legislative Session must include measures that secure our elections, fight illegal immigration into Florida, and pursue the cost-effective energy policies that so greatly influence inflation and the cost of living.

While I am grateful for the good work that has been done, I am also diligently in pursuit of legislation that addresses the fundamental stresses on Florida families.

Join me in the application of Judeo-Christian values in Florida; the values that that foster peace and prosperity for all Floridians and all Americans.


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The Live Local Act

In 2023 the Florida Legislature passed the Live Local Act (LLA), a $711M appropriation of taxpayer money. The LLA usurps the authority of Florida’s City Councils and County Commissions in the area of affordable housing-related land use and zoning amendment applications.

The LLA bypasses City Councils and County Commissions and implements state mandates in favor of affordable housing developers, subsidized with your tax dollars, with no local oversight of the placement of affordable housing projects. We cannot allow the needs of people who aspire to relocate to Lake County to supersede the quality of life standards so meticulously nurtured by the families and businesses that built Lake County through generations of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. Under the LLA, a government-subsidized affordable housing development is coming to your backyard, soon.

The LLA should have never passed in the Republican majority-led Florida legislature. Think about it. The purpose of humanity is to deliver quality of life for our posterity that is superior to the quality of life our forefathers gave us.

This cannot be accomplished if we allow illegal immigrants and others seeking homestead in Lake County, who have not prepared their families in Judeo-Christian values and the culture of America, to populate our cities and our county with no local oversight of the placement of low-income housing development projects.

The LLA sets Lake County up to become a bastion of high-density low-income housing projects including all of the problems that come along with them. I fought the development of government-subsidized low-income housing projects in the Four Corners area of Lake County since 1998. I continue to protect your right to the peaceful enjoyment of your homesteaded property in District 26. The same principles apply across the entirety of the Great State of Florida.

It is not Floridians’ obligation to pave the way, at the expense of the Floridian lifestyle, for foreign populations desiring refuge in Florida and who do not demonstrate the resolve to solve the problems that plague their homelands. America does not allow legal immigration into America because Americans want to be more like the immigrant’s country of origin. When immigrants seek residency in the United States, and in Florida, they must demonstrate the willingness and ability to assimilate into American society. Americans fought and died for the American legacy. We must encourage and inspire foreign populations to solve their problems at home. We cannot allow The State of Florida to mandate the acceptance of affordable housing projects without regard for location.

The State of Florida cannot overlook the quality of life concerns of Lake County residents in favor of a knee-jerk response to increased demand for Florida housing. Everyone who knocks on your door is not necessarily welcome inside your house.

What are your thoughts?

I'm running for State Representative of House District 26 to represent YOUR voice in the Florida House. Respond directly to this email or call me on my cell at (407) 973-2354 and let me know what your thoughts are on the RPOF's progress as well as the Live Local Act.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Levine

Candidate for State Representative

Florida House District 26


While these endorsements are an honor and a blessing, it is your support and vote that matters the most!

I encourage you to reach out to me by email or on my personal cellphone number if you have any questions or concerns regarding my campaign, events, or anything at all.

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