"A move towards a more flexible set of family benefit programs is a recognition of intersectionality and a move towards more inclusivity for everyone. " — Erin Uritus

This guide, which draws upon insight from Out & Equal’s many partners as well as cutting-edge resources in the arena of diversity and inclusion, provides a solid framework for implementing a greater awareness and understanding of non-binary identity in the workplace.

An essential resource for any company looking to foster a gender-inclusive workspace. Take a proactive look at your company's policies to ensure transgender employees feel comfortable and safe in the office.

Embracing our authenticity allows us to tap into our true potential and boundless creativity. Listen to star of Amazon's Transparent, Trace Lysette, discuss coming into her truth and the joy that followed.
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Apple is a leader when it comes to LGBTQ representation among its senior executives. In addition, their company’s policies – beginning with offering health insurance benefits to same-sex domestic partners more than two decades ago, at a time when such benefits were rare – have placed them consistently at the top of the HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.