December 10, 2022

Wondrous Sprouts!

Today I am grateful to have special guest Austin "Brud Hodgkins of Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie with me on the air to talk about the many health benefits of sulforaphane (SFN).

Truly remarkable. Join us...

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What is Sulforaphane?

Sulforaphane is an organic compound found in certain vegetables, specifically the cruciferous and brassica vegetables.

These classes of vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and kale.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that sulforaphane provides strong health benefits.

These vegetables contain a compound called glucoraphanin, and when we chew or crush these vegetables, a chemical reaction is set off which creates a phytochemical compound known as sulforaphane.

SFN & Intestinal Flora & Gut Repair

Because of its amazing antioxidant potential, sulforaphane can protect against a wide range of serious diseases including heart disease, cancer and brain disease, which we will look at in more detail soon.

Short List of Benefits with Info
Long List of Benefits

It can help protect you against a range of serious diseases and illnesses by neutralizing and even reversing the damage done by the free radical we encounter on a daily basis. Sulforaphane can also have an anti-aging effect on the skin and internal organs helping you look and feel better for longer.

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