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Summer Store Hours

Our full-service retail store is going to be OPEN on Sundays during the summer! From books, accessories, instruments, to swag—we've got everything you need to stay playing this summer.

Our Retail Store Summer Hours (Starting JUNE 2ND, 2024) are as follows:

Sundays : 10AM-6PM

Mondays: 10AM-8PM

Tuesdays: 10AM-8PM

Wednesdays: 10AM-8PM

Thursdays: 10AM-8PM

Fridays: 10AM-8PM

Saturdays: 10AM-5PM

Summer Camps

🎵 There are still some spots left in our summer camps! Snag your spot today!

🎬 Broadway Crash Course 101

🎧 Ukulele Crash Course 101

🎶 Music Theory Crash Course 101

🎤 Singing Crash Course 101

🎸 Guitar Crash Course 101

🎧 Songwriting 101

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Summer Practicing Tips

Need some motivation to practice this summer? Take

Set Goals: Define clear, achievable goals for your summer practice to stay focused and track progress.

Flexible Schedule: Create a practice routine that fits your summer activities, balancing structured practice with relaxation.

Explore New Genres: Experiment with different musical styles or instruments to keep practice exciting and broaden your skills.

Use Technology: Incorporate music apps and recording tools to make practice sessions more interactive and engaging.

Join Programs: Enroll in summer music camps, workshops, or online courses for structured learning and fresh inspiration.

Studio Spotlight


At our small business, we're thrilled to provide top-notch customer service, and we're always on the lookout for ways to make your experience even better. Check out what others are saying about us with a smile! 

Customer Reviews

Student of the Month: Kimberly B.

Piano, Voice, & Violin Student

Meet Kimberly B., our fantastic Student of the Month for June! At just 16, Kimberly is a talented musician who rocks the violin, piano, and vocals. She's been part of our studio for years, and her dedication is clear.

Her piano teacher, Lucas, couldn't be prouder. He says Kimberly's a hard worker who picks up music super fast. She hardly needs to glance at her sheet music after the first week, and her sight-reading skills are seriously impressive for her age. She's always up for a challenge and nails every one of them.

Kimberly's not just a solo act; she's a regular at our studio events like Formal and Contemporary Recitals. Right now, she's bringing her A-game to our Summer Rockstar Academy, showing off her musical chops.

Kimberly's talent and drive are inspiring to everyone around her. Congrats, Kimberly, you rock!

Teacher Feature: Gary S.

Band Specialist

Our Teacher Feature for the month of June is Gary B!

Gary has a Bachelor's degree in Music History and Literature from the University of Texas at Austin.  There he studied with Frank Elsass and played trumpet in several ensembles, including the University Symphony and the first school sponsored Mariachi.  After graduation he studied Ethnomusicology with Dr. Gerard Behague.  Recently Gary has studied with Dennis Monce, jazz trumpet instructor at Arizona State University.  He currently is with a local jazz group performing regularly.

We're incredibly thankful to have Gary at our studio, bringing a dynamic energy to our lessons that's both enjoyable and inspiring for all students. Don't miss out—secure your spot on his schedule today!

Book a Lesson with Gary!

Available Lesson Slots


Andrew B: 3 Piano

Andrew D.: 3 Guitar/Bass

Anthony: 3 Woodwinds

Gary: 3 Brass

Georgia: 3 Online Piano/Voice

Harvey: 2 Voice/Piano

Lucas: 3 Voic/Piano

Luis: 2 Guitar/Bass

Masato: 1 Guitar/Uke/Bass

Michael: 2 Piano/Voice

Todd: 2 Drums


Andrew B: 3 Piano

Andrew D: 2 Guitar/Bass

Brogan: 1 Drums

Chloe: 1 Voice/Piano

Georgia: 2 Online Piano/Voice

Harvey: 3 Piano/Voice

Luis: 2 Guitar/Bass

Masato: 2 Guitar/Uke/Bass

Steve: 3 Guitar/Bass/Uke

Victoria: 1 Voice/Piano


Anthony: 2 Woodwinds

Donna: 2 Voice/Piano

Edward: 3 Guitar

Georgia: 2 Online Piano/Voice

Harvey: 2 Piano/Voice

Leo: 2 Piano

Lucas: 3 Voice/Piano

Masato: 2 Guitar/Bass/Uke

Mike W: 3 Band

Sidni: 1 Strings/Piano

Todd: 2 Drums


Andrew D: 2 Guitar/Bass

Bailee: 2 Piano

Filip: 1 Drums

Georgia: 3 Online Piano/Voice

Sarah Beth: 2 Piano

Srdjan: 1 Guitar/Bass/Ukulele

Victoria: 1 Voice/Piano


Alexis: 1 Voice/Piano

Andrew B: 3 Piano

Beth: 1 Violin

Denise: 1 Voice/Piano

Edward: 3 Guitar

Georgia: 2 Online Piano/Voice

Lucas: 3 Piano/Voice

Mike W: 2 Brass

Sarah Beth: 2 Piano

Srdjan: 2 Guitar/Bass/Uke

Todd: 1 Drums

Victoria: 2 Voice/Piano


Andrew B: 3 Piano

Edward: 1 Guitar

Leo: 3 Piano

Lucas: 1 Piano/Voice

Srdjan: 3 Guitar/Bass/Ukulele

Victoria: 3 Voice/Piano

Trial Lessons Available

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