On Saturday, June 27 th , we received an urgent call regarding an older dog that had been found cowering in someone’s backyard in Detroit. We rushed to the location and there we saw poor Lily laying in a corner of the yard with her lower leg severely mangled. Lily’s bone, nerves and flesh were all exposed and it appeared as though her foot had been caught in an inhumane trap. We quickly picked her up and rushed her to Advanced Animal Emergency for medical care.

Once at the emergency vet it was determined that not only did Lily have a severely injured leg, but also her upper thigh on the same leg has an enormous mass. She is also missing the majority of her teeth on one side of her mouth and she has tested a strong positive for heartworm disease.

Due to the severity of the injury to her leg, combined with the mass and the muscle atrophy and her being an older girl it was determined that Lily would not be a good candidate for a prosthetic and that she would need a full leg amputation. She will also need some dental work and heartworm treatment.

The estimated cost of Lily’s medical care is between $5,000-$7,000. We know that it’s a lot to ask, but Lily’s life matters to us and we feel that she is worth every penny. We are asking for some help from our supporters to cover the cost of Lily’s medical expenses.

Please help us make some miracles happen for Lily! Her life is precious and your donations are very much appreciated. Special thank you to all of our donor heroes!

Please donate now by clicking on the link below or checks can be mailed to Detroit Pit Crew, PO Box 3111, Center Line, MI 48015. All donations are tax deductible.
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