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April 2019
Eileen's Lesson:
When my daughter was 3.5 we took her to Disney World for the first time. If you want to make a small child's day, tell them they're going to Disney World.
When we took our daughter, she insisted on figuring out what to bring and then packed her own suitcase.

On the first morning, we were woken up at 5am (the park opened at 8am that day) by a giant smile and our daughter who was dressed in a princess costume and shoes from her dress up box proclaiming “I’m ready for Disney World”.

Ok, I guess we weren’t clear on the whole sun comes up request and maybe we should have checked her bag a little more closely. Having said that, against our better judgement, the princess costume with dress up box shoes were worn to the park. Guess what we discovered? Every little girl wore the same outfit with the same uncomfortable shoes and that she completely fit in. Basically, it was the "best vacation ever”.

Sometimes, even against our better judgement, we need to let (little) people do what they think is best, because they might just be right.

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