June 3, 2023

"Why are we so sick?"

Continuing the series, Part 1 - MISSING NUTRIENTS

Sulfur Deficiency

So far in my current series "Why are we so Sick?" we have taken a look at two nutrient deficiencies affecting our population today:

LITHIUM - a trace mineral critically important to health, especially brain and mental health - we are unable to use the vitamins B12 and folate without it. Our water supplies are deficient today. We must make sure we are getting it in supplement form on a daily basis.

IODINE - absolutely essential to health - we spent two programs on this - we must make sure our intake is sufficient on a daily basis if we want to be healthy.

If you missed either of those newsletters or podcasts, go HERE, and you will find them. (I really blew it on the second Iodine broadcast, muting myself for like 10 minutes, but I do come back!)

Today I'll be talking about:


without which our health is crippled in very many ways.

How are you getting your sulfur on a daily basis?





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Health Benefits of MSM - a powerful sulfur donor by Joseph Mercola, MD

What is sulfur?

Sulfur is an important structural atom in most proteins as sulfur amino acids (cystine, cysteine and methionine) and small organic molecules. Glutathione, a tripeptide containing cysteine, is essential to cellular reactions involving sulfur amino acids in protein. Sulfur is found in a reduced form GSH) in cysteine and in an oxidized form (­ S­S­) as the double molecule, cystine. This "sulfhydryl group" is important for the specific configuration of some structural proteins and for the biological activities of some enzymes (proteins that do work). Sulfur containing proteins work in indirect ways to maintain life.

Where is sulfur found in my diet?

Sulfur is found in a large number of foods, and, as a consequence, it is assumed that almost any diet would meet the minimum daily requirements. Excellent sources are eggs, onions, garlic, and leafy dark green vegetables like kale and broccoli. Meats, nuts, and seafood also contain sulfur. Methionine, an essential amino acid, is found mainly in egg whites and fish. A diet high in grains like bread and cereal is likely to be deficient in sulfur. Increasingly, whole foods such as corn and soybeans are disassembled into component parts with chemical names, and then reassembled into heavily processed foods. Sulfur is lost along the way, and so is the awareness that this loss matters.

Learn More and also how today's "nutritional advice" is robbing us of this much-needed nutrient

You will remember my great guest Brud Hodgkins on the topic of sulforaphane. Here's some detailed info:

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