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This week I heard someone say , "It's hard to believe summer is half over", but I am thinking "Wow, there's still half the summer left!". I hope you are using all the rain to escape to your sewing room!

This week I have a video update for you. It's short and sweet and it just saved me typing a ton of blah blah blah........ You won't regret watching it because there's something in it for you! See it here.

The web site has some cool new additions to it including a new page called "Quilters Video Series" with short clips with tips or ideas or explanations.

Take a quick scan below of other info I have for you. I'll try t keep things short! (please forgive any typos)


Aug. 11, 2023

Do you make more than one quilt a year? Check out PDQ club membership and cash in on the savings!

Custom Quilts for sale!

Do you need to have a quilt picked up? I offer a complimentary (in most cases) pick up and delivery service. You can request a quilt pick up here - and the form also allows you to order batting and specify the type of quilting you require!

Request pick-ups here

Great new updates!

Quilter's Buy and Sell

Have something you want to sell? Need something you just cannot find?

Send me your listing through the forms on this page - and I will list your item(s) and highlight them in the newsletter next month!

Web site registration - exclusive pages

You can now create an account (register) on the web site so you can see exclusive pages - like the Quilters Buy and Sell. I have made it exclusive to members to cut down on SPAM and that way you know the seller should be a trusted member/quilter. Watch this video to see how easy it is to register on the site! Sew sign up today so we can get posting all those little things we have too many of - or look for tools or stash we NEED!

NEXT MONTH: Info on how to list your quilts for sale!

For the Quilt-a-holic....

How about a little laughter?

Last week my mother and cousin visited and sat me down to watch the funniest video I have seen in a long time!

Did you know laughter can raise your seratonin levels and help relieve pain?

So skip the Tylenl and watch this funny video!

DIY Face Mask Tutorial With Kay

Leaving a lasting impression....

A gift of a quilt is something not forgotten. And many of us make quilts for others as gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings or just because. Do you put a label on the back of the quilts you create?

Recently, I went to a couple of estate sales where there were quilts made available. I searched on the rear of the quilt to see if the quilt maker had put a label including the year the quilt was made or who it was gifted to - or intended for. NOTHING!

How disappointing! I went home and immediatley made labels to put on the back of the few quilts I have here that are not for sale. Your quilt is a work of art! Be sure to sign it!

You can order a label for the back of your quilt when you send it t be quilted!

Labels: $15.00

PDQ Member price: $10.00

Today's Tips

#1.Do a little show and tell! It's a great way to show off your creativity and you would be surprised how many people will tell you how wonderful your work really is! AND it's a great boost to your ego too!

#2. Stand back please..... when you are agonizing over that block that just won't fit in right - step back 3 feet. Seriously. Once your quilt is quilted - I bet you will never be able to see the error or mismatch!

Customer Quilt Highlight

This month I will highlight 2 different quilts! Send me your projects so I can show them off. The first one to send me their quilt for next month's newsletter will get $5.00 off their next quilting invoice!

Denise's favourite!

As promised - I am highlighting Denise's favourite quilt. If you want to read about Denise - it is in last months blog and you can read it here. Denise is enjoying the comfort and warmth it brings her now. Sending our best wishes Denise!

Nicely done Louise!

This quilt to the left is a quilt I did the quilting on last year. It is a round quilt for a newborn. I had a blast quilting it - but Louise did an amazing job putting the quilt together.

What a cool quilt!

A Quilter's Sandwich - Blog post

I love to write - and so I do have a blog on the site. Here's a fun post from 2020!

A Quilter's Sandwich!

A sewing fanatic or "crazee" quilter has certain rules..... one being - DO NOT TOUCH MY SCISSORS! We cringe, gasp and lunge towards the offending party when we see them cutting electrical wire, paper, cardboard - or horror of horrors - opening the bacon wrapper! Hence, we have several pair scattered, hidden and sometimes even even hanging around our neck.

Yes. Until yesterday. Confusion. Frustration. Despair. Where oh where are you my sweet little snippers .. read more here

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