Deport the 900,000+ Criminals Residing in Florida Illegally

Repeal the Live Local Act.

Hello Michael,

The Florida legislature and the real estate development community is oblivious to the fact that the multi-generational families that built Lake County cities and towns and who live and have raised their families in and around Umatilla, Eustis, Mount Dora, Tavares, Leesburg, Fruitland Park and Lady Lake do not want to live in an urban environment. That’s why we live in Lake County.

In 2015 the Obama-Biden Administration attempted to integrate government subsidized low income housing into middle income and high income communities in an attempt to blend the lifestyles of low income households with the lifestyles of more affluent Americans. The Obama-Biden Administration utilized the Department of Housing and Urban Development to extort American cities’ and counties’ leadership by threatening to withhold critical funding if the cities and counties did not advance programs, including land use and zoning regulations, that effectively place low income households into middle income and upper income communities. In 2015 you and I were able to hold off the Obama-Biden Administration. We elected Donald Trump President in 2016.

Florida’s landmark legislation, The Live Local Act, which was signed into law in 2023 and amended in the 2024 legislative session, urbanizes our pristine Lake County and the entire State of Florida. The Republican controlled Florida Senate voted forty to zero and passed the Live Local Act in the senate chamber. The Republican controlled Florida House of Representatives voted one hundred six to six in favor of passage in the Florida House of Representatives. Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, signed the Live Local Act into law on March 28, 2023. The fox is in the hen house. The Live Local Act gives the Obama–Biden Administration everything it wanted in 2015, and more. There were no town hall meetings to discuss the impact of the Live Local Act on your family. No one asked you what you think. You are already sick and tired of the traffic and the infuriating impact of explosive density is just beginning. Before long we won’t recognize Lake County or our beloved Florida. We haven’t addressed crime and we haven’t addressed the 900,000+ criminal migrants who live among us and absorb housing inventory in an undersupplied housing market. There are more invaders on the way.

Lake County’s rolling hills are being scraped flat and sold for road construction. Our pristine lakes will soon be buried behind ugly, cheaply constructed multistory apartment buildings that are paid for with your tax dollars and that you don’t want in your back yard. You are paying for 900,000+ criminal migrants’ housing. The quality of life and financial condition of indigenous Lake County families was never considered as the Live Local Act was ushered through the halls of the Florida Legislature and delivered to the Governor’s desk for ratification.

The Live Local Act usurps the authority of local City Councils and County Commissions concerning the specifications, quantity and placement of affordable housing projects in their jurisdictions. This cannot stand. The State of Florida requires periodic land use and zoning map updates for a reason and the Live Local Act throws those land use and zoning maps in the garbage can. Why do we bother to create them in the first place?

The Florida legislature pandered to the real estate development community and the globalist communists who are rabid in their efforts to seize by replacement the United States of America. The Florida legislature now prepares to stuff enormous quantities of cash into already bloated State of Florida coffers. The administrative state is alive and well. When do Florida taxpayers get a break?

The Live Local Act provides up to $35,000, per transaction, of your money in down payment assistance for homebuyers who have not saved a down payment, further accelerating demand for housing in an undersupplied housing market. Too many Florida families cannot afford to buy a house now. The Live Local Act exacerbates an already overpriced housing market.

Getting richer and richer is well and good but not to the detriment of generations of Florida families who love and cherish the world renowned Florida lifestyle. Florida is a subtropical paradise and under my watch it will never be an overcrowded crime infested ghetto. Development planning must be better managed. Infrastructure development must precede vertical construction. Local input must always be considered in the planning and development processes. The structures we build today must be more impressive in every way than the structures we built yesterday. We must inspire improvement, not accommodate or enable decline. The obligation of all humanity is to build a kingdom here on Earth suitable for G-d to dwell, here on Earth, with us. The Live Local Act is detrimental, unnecessary and undermines the quality of life for Lake County families and the vast majority of legitimate Floridians. Help me repeal the Live Local Act and deport 900,000+ criminal migrants.

I am a populist candidate. My only concern is for you, personally, the families who reside in Florida’s House District 26 and families across the State of Florida. Empowering the government and special interests is not important to me at all.

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Thank you in advance for your support.


Mike Levine

Candidate for State Representative

Florida House District 26


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