January 28, 2023

No matter who you are, where you are, your spiritual or political affections, no one can deny we are living in times that are unsettling for us all. I'll be talking about that but also about "rooting" ourselves to withstand the storm and, more, to be an influence for good in our own unique "spheres of influence." Each of us has our own. For me, one of them is this weekly radio program and newsletter. I thank you for joining me. Be blessed.

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Yesterday, January 27, was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. While we remember those unspeakable atrocities, it is very important to recognize how the Jewish population worldwide is under attack. As always. Heightened now, however, and as evidenced in United States college campuses.

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Report details ‘pervasive and relentless assault’ on Jewish and pro-Israel students nationwide

‘No other identity group is subject to such a relentless and organized attack on their identity’

The “nature, scope and trajectory” of threats to Jewish and pro-Israel students on over 100 college campuses continues to get worse, according to a report recently released by the AMCHA Initiative.

Who needs steak?

When you can gorge yourself on CRICKETS & MEALWORMS???

European Union Approves Cricket Powder As Component Of Flour-Based Foods Despite ‘Inconclusive’ Allergy Data

“Studies suggest that for the same amount of protein produced, insects, mealworms in particular, require much less land than other sources of animal proteins. A study on crickets suggests they are twice as efficient in converting feed to meat as chicken.”

Aren't you salivating at the mere thought?

Bon apatite!

Read the ridiculosity!

Cut the nonsense...

with regenerative farming and ranching... as is wondrously done at...

Walpole Valley Farms

Latest Newsletter from Walpole Valley Farms

Today’s industrial agriculture system extracts from the land without replenishing, exploits people, animals, and natural resources, and is a major contributor to climate change; 10 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions currently come from agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture

Rooted in Indigenous wisdom, regenerative farming is an alternative decision-making framework that offers a set of principles and practices to grow food in harmony with nature and heal the land from degradation.

The regenerative principles include farming and ranching with an understanding of the land’s natural resource availability, building and prioritizing soil health, reducing and eventually eliminating the use of harmful chemicals, integrating animals onto agricultural land, and nurturing strong relationships with communities.

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WEF - World Economic Forum - "We want your farm, your land, your food."

And now, some good news...

A remarkable and inspiring story reflecting how the actions of just one person can help change a crazy world! She is a "hero," and we can all be heroes, too.

I'll be reading more about this in the program today.

Empowering caregivers to boldly advocate for their loved ones.


Our recipes for the upcoming week!

Venetian Lasagna
Beer 'n Onion Soup
Bea's Unstuffed Cabbage

"Though we have limited control over the overall trends of lawlessless and lovelessness in our culture, we can control how we respond personally to those realities. We can choose to display forgiveness rather than bitterness. We can choose to health rather than harm - to help rather than hurt. We can choose to be welcoming witnesses when everyone else is practicing the emotional equivalent of social distancing. In short, we can be kind." Dr. David Jeremiah, The World of the End.

Great God, wrap your arms around our world tonight

From babies hidden in the shadows

To the cities shining bright

There are captives weeping

Far from sight

For every doorway has a story

And some are holding back the cries

But there is One who hears at the night

Great God

Wrap Your arms around this world tonight

Around the world tonight

And when You hear our cries

Sing through the night

So we can join in Your song

And sing along

We'll sing along

From the farthest corners of the earth

Still His mercy reaches

Even to the pain we cannot see

And even through the darkness

There's a promise that will keep us

There is One who came to set us free

Great God

Wrap Your arms around this world tonight

Around the world tonight

And when You hear our cries

Sing through the night

So we can join in Your song

And sing along

We'll sing along

So let Your song rise

And fill up the earth

Let Your hope ring out

Let Your heart be heard

Great God

Wrap Your arms around this world tonight!

"You have more power than you know..."

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