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January 2023

Eileen’s Lesson

Happy New Year! This morning I clicked the button to start my coffee pot and nothing happened.

Yes, very scary. It’s a fairly new coffee maker, and as I’m trying to figure out what is going on, in my head, I’m thinking, is it still under warranty? Of course, I’m not thinking rationally because, well, I need coffee.

At some point, the realization dawns that nothing in that part of the kitchen has power. Ah, circuit issue. My husband promptly runs into the basement and resets that circuit, and then boom, everything works again, and I have coffee.

Machines are a little like people. We may think they are broken, but sometimes they simply get overloaded and need a reset.

Therefore, my 2023 wish for you is to recognize when you need to take the time to reset your circuits so that you don’t burn out.

If you need someone to help you reset, contact The HR Team.


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Workplace Negativity Running Rampant? Seven Proven Strategies

Constant complaining, disruptive gossip, resistance to change, manipulation, lack of accountability. No one is a ray of sunshine all the time but in some cases, workplace negativity can become toxic. In this situation, cynicism and adverse attitudes contaminate the entire team, driving pessimism and discord through the roof.

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Is America's Workplace Shrinking? Six Demographic Shifts

The U.S. added more jobs than expected last month, causing elation for many. But that job growth is masking a trend that's stressing employers and the economy: the shrinking labor force. For three straight months, the number of people who are working or looking for a job declined, according to the U.S.

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Congratulations, Lisa!

Lisa has over 20 years of human resources experience assisting small to mid-size organizations. Lisa brings a wealth of experience across a diverse range of industries including: government contracting, construction management, professional services, education, and not-for-profit businesses. Working directly with and for senior leadership teams, Lisa has designed and implemented recruiting/hiring/onboarding strategies, benefit programs, and effective recognition programs, together with managing compliance issues, payroll, and defending legal action.

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Protections for Pregnant Workers Approved

The U.S. Senate voted on Dec. 22 to include the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) in the federal spending package for 2023. Congress is expected to vote on the broad $1.7 trillion bill before the end of the workweek.

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