Water and labor rates are skyrocketing, but adopting new technology can help offset these costs. With these increasing rates, Pacific Landscape Management is focusing on all aspects of water conservation, including irrigation systems. Managing landscape irrigation is complicated, but with more efficient systems we increase savings and minimize costs for our customers! 

Our partnership with Weathermatic Irrigation is helping us manage water through their Smartlink Weather-Based Subscription program. For 5 years we have offered their 'Weather-based Smart Irrigation' subscription, this year they are offering a new, significantly less in cost, 'Remote Access System' subscription. We are adopting this subscription as a basic part of our irrigation management program. 

We are absorbing half the cost!

Pacific Landscape Management has negotiated a subscription rate of $30.00 or $40.00 per controller, per month, based on size, for the 'Remote Access Control' subscription (vs the typical rate of $55.00 to $70.00 per month for the weather-based control). We are absorbing half that cost, thus the cost to our customer will only be $15.00 to $20.00 per controller based on size. We decided to add these to our maintenance program for all controllers that are not already on a remote-access or weather-based control.

For only $15-$20/month per controller you get:

  • Replacement of your existing controller(s) with a new Weathermatic controller
  • Installation included with no additional cost.
  • Includes a cellular air card to connect to the internet
  • Lifetime warranty and technology upgrade (you will never pay for a new controller again as long as you maintain our service including this small subscription fee)
  • If you ever cancel our service, we remove the air card and you keep the base controller
  • New ability to program or activate system without accessing controller to service, lowering cost of troubleshoot and repair your system.
  • Creates ability for us to program and update programming remotely facilitating more frequent adjustments.
  • Does not replace the water saving value of the weather based control.
  • Enabling us to make adjustments to your irrigation programs based on special needs (for special event or property maintenance our staff can quickly make the necessary changes without having to send someone out to your property irrigation turned off,
  • Lower the cost to upgrade to add a weather-station for weather based control without previous installation charge
  • [Optional] SMART Weather-Based Management Upgrade: $30.00/month per controller.
  • No installation cost, saving $600-800

More about Weathermatic SmartLink on our website:

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