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TODAY, Thursday Mar 16 @ 6:00pm

Please join us at 6:00 tonight for our inspiring Interfaith Meditation Experience. 

Each of 13 candles will be lit as the sacred text of the Golden Rule is read aloud as it was written in 13 faith traditions. As we meditate and visualize Peace on Earth, quiet music, candlelight and chairs in a sacred circle will enhance the experience.  

In the center of the table is Om, a mystic syllable in Hindu beliefs that symbolize the origin of the universe. It is a seed syllable in Sanskrit chants written in Vedic texts some 5,000 years ago.  

We'll close with a time for coffee and light refreshments, conversation and fellowship.

Join Us for Sunday Celebration

Mar 19 - 10:30am

Rev Jim Rosemergy


"Proof of God"


Tiffany Martinez

Is God real? Some say yes, some say no. Is there proof for either position? The reality of God is a central question for many people. We want to believe, we do believe, but in times of challenge we wonder if what we believe is myth or eternal truth. 


Dear friend, there is proof of God. Long ago, at the moment of our creation, bread crumbs were left leading us to one of the greatest spiritual breakthroughs—God is real.

Join me as we follow the “crumbs,” become like children and enter the kingdom of God.  

In Person

All Are Welcome, this Sunday, Mar 19

2309 Murphy Hwy, Blairsville, GA 30512

Livestream on Facebook 

Later on YouTube 


Loving Our Church Building - Starts Saturday

Please schedule the best time for you to help INSIDE

This Sat, Mar 18 through

Next Fri, Mar 24  

Please note: OUTSIDE chores are postponed until it warms up a bit!

 Sacred Service apps are on the bulletin board for your prayerful consideration.

Please contact Jeanette Senart

Thank you very much for joining in!

Loving Our Church Family

Our choir listens intently to our guest speaker, who spoke remotely on Sunday.

We are grateful to our tech team for working so diligently on Saturday to implement the integration of retired Rabbi Mitch Cohen's outstanding video talk, with comments from Mike Davis. 

This integration was the action debut of our third video monitor, the one mounted behind Mike Davis that previously displayed a black screen with a "shooting star" reflection from our lights. 

Thanks and kudos to Bob and Charlotte Sleczkowski, Rick Volker and Sky Martinez. Photos by Suzi Henry

Prayer Partner Jan Vaughan reads from a booklet entitled "The Golden Rule."

Learn About Unity

Sunday, Apr 2

After the service

Dive into the basics of the Unity way of life with Mike Davis. Newcomers and old-timers are equally welcome.

If you feel you would like to become a member of Unity Church of the Mountains, this 60-min class is a requirement.


Pennies from Heaven

"Heavenly Challenge!"


A generous and loving donor has contacted Mike to say that they will match all donations to Pennies from Heaven,

up to $2,000! How awesome is that?


Let's set a goal of April 30 to FILL UP OUR PENNIES FUND.

We can do it!

Pennies from Heaven is a special fund for those occasional financial emergencies that people might face from time to time. Please reach out to Mike if you feel the need.

Unity Church of the Mountains is a sharing and caring community.


Preparing for Easter Season

Mike Davis


"Walking Each Other Home"

Sunday, Mar 26

Good Friday ~ Apr 7

Noon - 3:00pm on Zoom

Music |Contemplation | Meditation

Featured Musicians

Richard Burdick / Mike Davis / Deidrey Francois / John Stringer / Eddie Watkins / Dale Worley / Trish Yancey / Terrance Young / Music from Y.O.U


The Good Friday Project experience is like no other. We will remember and meditate on “The Seven Last Words of Jesus.” Unity Ministers along with other Spiritual leaders and Artists from Unity Ministries in the Southeast Region will guide and inspire us as we experience a deepened understanding of Jesus’ teachings from the words he spoke when on the cross.

Mike Davis


Palm Sunday

Sunday, Apr 2


Sunday Apr 9

Inspiring Class with Rev Robin

Overview of the New Testament

Apr 11 - May 30

7:00 - 9:00pm ET

An evening Zoom class with Rev Robin Volker

For more information or to register, please

click on the flyer


Contact Rev Robin

Save These Dates

SING for the Fun of It!

Thu, May 18


Words on the Big Screen


Songs you know, people you like

Blessing of the Animals

Sun, June 4

Meeks Park

Rev Robin Volker

Bring your pets

Sunday Celebrations!

Rev Robin Volker

Sunday Apr 16

Jennifer Ferren

Sunday Apr 23

Affirmative Prayer Blesses Us All

Like a cloak His Love is wrapped around me.

Like a warm garment, It shelters me from the storms of life.

Prayer List

Julia Milano

Daughter of UCM member Janis Lueken

 Prayer Requests

Names appear once per request, but the prayer work of holding the highest and best thought for you will be ongoing. Unity Prayer Ministry will also pray for an additional 30 days.

Thank You

for Your Donations


Unity Church of the Mountains is a 501(c)3 Religious Organization, and we gratefully accept your Tax-Deductible contributions. 

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Happy Birthday


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