May 2, 2020
"Right here where we live... right here in...
Keene, New Hampshire! " ...the...

Hannah Grimes Marketplace
“Someone once told me that when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance.”
Our Story
Hannah Grimes in her time was no one famous, but little did she know 221 years later a store would open in her memory inspiring the buy local movement.

Hannah Grimes lived in the small town of Roxbury, NH on what is now known as Buckminster Farm. In her time Hannah Grimes was a true example of a traditional NH producer who participated in a thriving local economy. In that spirit, we welcome you to the Hannah Grimes Marketplace, a store filled with crafts from over 250 local artisans.

Our Founder
Mary Ann Kristiansen , the current occupant of the original home of Hannah Grimes, opened the doors of the Marketplace in 1997 to provide a market for local products and business skills to the people who make and grow those products. Over the past 22 years the Marketplace has been home to over 1,000 local artisans.

Since opening the Marketplace, “Hannah Grimes” has grown to include  The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship . The center provides the space, tools and connections that entrepreneurs need to build strong businesses and thriving local economies. The Center also offers a co-working space, business incubator, Startup Lab, Radically Rural Summit, Young Professionals’ Network and programs and coaching that support the start and growth of businesses. 

My special guests today...
Molly Taflas
Marketplace Manager

In 2016 Molly found herself wanting to leave the corporate world. Lucky for us she ended up at the Marketplace and never looked back! Molly is the core of our staff and ensures all employees have a healthy work life balance including herself.

When Molly’s not at the Marketplace you can find her spending time with her family and friends or off traveling the world.
Our Values

Honesty and integrity in our business practices

Employees as the source of our success

Quality in our crafts

Genuine customer service

Building our community

Environmental responsibility

Dale Montrone
Hannah Grimes Board of Directors
Our Mission
The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship provides the space, tools and connections that innovative entrepreneurs need to build strong businesses, thriving local economies, and vibrant communities in the Monadnock Region.

Our Vision
The success of entrepreneurs in the Monadnock region fulfills the Hannah Grimes Center’s broader vision of a sustainable, thriving local economy and vibrant community, built upon the region’s heritage, culture, natural resources, and the civic-minded entrepreneurial spirit of its people.

The Hannah Grimes Center prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, marital or family status. The Hannah Grimes Center is an equal opportunity employer.

Please tune in and listen... ask your questions.... it is important to support our local businesses always, but especially during this very challenging time for businesses in our community!
And this is awesome:
So wonderful... and now...
I'd like to highlight some of the news you may be unaware of with regard to...

The Crisis!
Q: So when you say it’s a usually quite mild disease, what do you mean by that?
A: That most people who get it will never even notice they were infected.
Q: So does that mean that you think the actual fatality rate of this disease is much lower than the numbers that have been talked about?
A: Much, much lower.
Q: So do you – have you made any speculations as to what sort of zone the real fatality rate might be in?
A: I think it would be like a severe influenza season, the same as, and which would be an order of 0.1 percent maybe.
David Brownstein, MD

"It should be well known that cloth masks, bandanas, or handkerchiefs will do very little to stop the spread of coronavirus. In fact, they may actually increase your risk of becoming ill from corona and other influenza-like illnesses."
Did you know?

The two models used in the West to predict the devastation of human life due to "the virus" exist only because of the funding of


...who is working fast and furiously to sell you a vaccine to end all your fears?

That those predictive models were way, way off, but who cares?

Mission accomplished.
So where do we go from here?
I am dumbfounded (not dumb!) when I realize, based on our NH State Governor's instruction yesterday, that we are continuing on a path based on grossly erroneous projections, poor science regarding the threat of the virus AND the benefits of so-called "mitigation strategies,"

...that we are in this for a very long time.


Because when you perpetuate a lie that results in such immediate and profoundly devastating consequences to an entire population on so many - really, all - levels...



Which is why, like children having been sent to our rooms until further notice, we are behaving gratefully when we learn that:

Some of us can go back to work on May 11 - some of us, but only with very careful restrictions and guidelines.

We are oh, so grateful. Thank you.

Wow... soon our grounding will slowly be lifted, and we will be able to "legally" golf... but only with very careful restrictions and guidelines.

We are oh, so grateful. Thank you.

We might be able to venture into parks and onto beaches... but only with very careful restrictions and guidelines.

We are oh, so grateful. Thank you.

We can dine outdoors at restaurants soon, but only with very careful restrictions and guidelines.

We are oh, so grateful. Thank you.

Me? I won't be wearing a mask...
If you see me around town not sporting a mask, receive that as a sign of my deep concern for you. And for me. Let's peel up the ridiculous markings on the floor in grocery stores and say,

"We're done. We are so done!"

And... because our government is not helping us with this, the only weapon we have is civil disobedience... so... let's do it.

I'm hugging people. "Arrest her!!"

I'm having people over for dinner and a movie. "Lynch her!"

I am NOT HUNKERING DOWN. "How DARE you!!???"

"You just don't care about people!!!!!!"

Please. What has happened in our country over the last couple of months has nothing to do with a virus; it is much darker than that; we are watching the last vestiges of a free civilization fade in the name of "SAFETY."

Safety? What cowards we are.
And you might be all in this together, but count me out..
The ‘Big Lie’ Behind COVID-19

Recently, an old friend said, “Porter, I’m almost afraid to ask… but what do you think about all of this madness, about the government telling everyone they have to sit in their houses? How long do you think this can go on?”

What do I think? You probably won’t like it…

We are going through the greatest mass delusion in history. Never in my life have I ever been more ashamed of our elected officials. And never in my wildest dreams did I think our entire country would fall for such complete nonsense on such an enormous scale.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think our entire country would fall for such complete nonsense on such an enormous scale."

I’ll show you why virtually everything we’ve done so far has made the impact of this virus  worse  than it would have been if we had done nothing at all. And I’ll also show you how simple doing the right thing could have (and should have) been. I can also predict what will (eventually) happen next – the only steps that can actually protect those most at risk from this virus.

But before I get to the facts that inform my view… I would like to review how completely inane and idiotic our political leaders have become in the midst of this health problem.

My favorite example so far? The thousands of outdoor recreational activities that have been closed or forbidden – including those that involve individual pursuits, like surfing. And what did CBS News publish as a headline above the story documenting a surfer being chased down by patrol boats? It read: “ Scientist Says Beaches Are Dangerous Right Now .”

How does anyone read this stuff and not laugh out loud? It’s impossible to watch the video of a surfer being chased down by patrol boats in the name of public health and not think something has gone terribly wrong in America.
But what’s the root of the problem today? What’s the foundation of all of these bad ideas?

At the heart of every mass delusion, there’s a “big lie.” The big lie is a falsehood so outrageous and so obviously wrong, in retrospect people can hardly believe that anyone took it seriously.

"The big lie is a falsehood so outrageous and so obviously wrong, in retrospect people can hardly believe that anyone took it seriously."

The most famous example of the “big lie” is the Salem Witch Trials, where four bored teenage girls convinced their pastor they were possessed by the devil and that dozens of people in their community were agents of Satan. The pastor, in turn, convinced most of Massachusetts that the colony was inundated with witches. Even though it’s hard to imagine today, some 200 people were arrested over the next year. One poor man, Giles Corey, was crushed to death under a pile of giant rocks because he wouldn’t confess to being a witch. And what happened to those who did confess? They were forced to name  more  witches. Then they were hanged. Before anyone came to their senses, 30 people were put to death.

We “modern” Americans look back at these events and wonder how anyone could have taken seriously a bunch of teenagers prattling on about witches and devils. But don’t be too proud… A court in Arkansas sent three teenage boys to prison in 1994 for murders they couldn’t have possibly committed, mostly because the jury firmly believed they were devil worshipers and thought they’d used black magic to pull off the crime.

And with COVID-19, Americans have become just as irrational as those Salem witch hunters or that Arkansas jury.

What’s the big lie today?

The big lie today is that “we” are all in “this” together.

And it isn't about our deep concern for the "vulnerable..." Oh, no... they're in prison
Yesterday, my last client of the day was a woman who works as a physical therapist at a nursing facility here in Keene.

Her reasons for seeing me?


You see, our people in nursing homes have not been able to have visitors - family or friends - since the beginning of March.

Since then, restrictions have become more and more rigid, so that every person in a nursing home is locked down in his or her room 24/7.

IF that room is shared with others - sometimes four to a room - all of the curtains between spaces have to be closed.

This means many never even see the light of day.

Day after day after day...

They eat all of their meals in their rooms in that little space next to the bed on a tray.

Each by him- or herself.

The only humans they see or interact with are wearing masks and shields, so that not even a glimpse of smile is possible.

The workers wearing masks and shields are suffocating and claustrophobic.

In addition, my client also has a 92-year-old mother in a nursing home in Massachusetts.

She has not been able to visit her since this all started.

Her mother was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 but is asymptomatic.

Still, my client cannot visit her mother UNTIL...

...her mother's death is imminent, and THEN...

...for a MAX of one hour in order to say GOODBYE!

And... this is all for the good of the people?

We're all in this together?

As the SHARKS say:

"I'M OUT!"
Tune in TONIGHT...!
Join us this evening at 8PM for a program of two stunning violin sonatas by Mozart & Strauss

Saturday May 2 Live in Concert - 8PM
Mozart Sonata in B-flat K.378
Strauss Violin Sonata in E-flat
I certainly will "be there!"
The arts are a huge casualty of these times!

Nicholas Burns and Lousia Stonehill are bright lights - bringing classical music live into your home each Wednesday and Saturday night direct from their home studio here in Keene.

Dale and I so appreciate the enrichment of our lives through the sharing of their amazing talent and knowledge.

Please tune in, and, when you do, consider donating the price of a concert ticket to help keep Ashuelot Concerts alive during this unfortunate drought.
"Go to health!"
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