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Peer Group Events

Peer groups provide an organized environment for people to encourage, advocate and educate one another. Peer Group events are being held both in-person and virtually.

Peer Group Calendar

We hope to see you at the Americans with Disabilities Act Celebration Picnic today,

July 26th, from 4 – 7 pm!

Heritage Park, 601 Weiss Street in Frankenmuth

Live Music by Stone Street Revival, Food, Fun and Games, and Accessible Recreation

We'll also have partner tables for organizations throughout the area providing valuable resources and information.

Saginaw Mural

On June 30th the latest mural in Saginaw was unveiled on the Commerce Center, featuring an image of Saginaw native Jim Letherer, an above-knee amputee who made national headlines during the Selma-to-Montgomery civil rights march in 1965. Letherer walked the entire 54-mile trek from Selma to Montgomery on crutches and continued to be a high-profile civil rights protestor throughout the 60s.

The mural, painted by Kevin Burdick, was co-sponsored by the Great Mural Project and the Saginaw branch of the NAACP.

There is a strong intersection between civil rights and disability rights – much of the progress we have made to achieve positive change for marginalized people and communities has been led by the civil rights movement. While there is strength in forming bonds with other civil rights causes, it’s important to remember that people with disabilities occupy space in all the other movements – we are part of the African American community, the Latino community, the LGBTQ+ community. Progress made for one group is progress for all.

To learn more about how Disability Network is leading the charge to change societal attitudes about people with disabilities, visit

(Photo Credit: Midland Daily News)

Flu Vaccine 

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). With the new school year about to start — and flu season right around the corner — it’s a great time to make sure you are caught up on all recommended vaccines to protect against serious illness. 

Among adults, complications, hospitalizations, and deaths due to influenza are generally most common among people 65 years and older – and people with disabilities may be at higher risk of the flu progressing to more severe complications.

Who needs a flu vaccine?

Everyone aged 6 months and older, with rare exception, is recommended to receive annual flu vaccine. If you are unsure, ask your healthcare provider if the flu vaccine is right for you.

Is there anyone who should not get a flu vaccine?

Children less than 6 months of age are too young. Also, if someone has had a serious allergic reaction to a previous flu vaccine or to one of the vaccine components, they should not receive flu vaccine. 

Can I get the flu from the flu vaccine?

No! Flu shots are made with either a killed (inactivated) flu virus and are therefore not infectious, or with proteins from a flu virus instead of a flu vaccine virus. 

Do I really need a flu vaccine every year?

Yes. Immune protection from vaccination declines over time, so an annual vaccination is needed to get the best protection. Also, flu viruses are constantly changing, so the vaccine is reviewed each year and updated based on which viruses are circulating and making people sick.

When should I be vaccinated?

You should get a flu vaccine before viruses begin spreading because it takes about two weeks for antibodies to develop in the body and provide protection. CDC recommends that everyone get a flu vaccine by the end of October; however, getting vaccinated later in the season is still beneficial, even into January or later.

Learn more at

Multiple $25 Gift Card Give-Aways Each Month! If you are an older adult or person with a disability and get a shingles, influenza or pneumococcal vaccine, or a COVID-19 vaccine or booster, you can enter to win. Contact us to learn how to enter at or (989) 835-4041, or to learn about our vaccine support services:

  • Help scheduling a vaccine
  • Transportation to a vaccine appointment
  • Access to an in-home vaccine or booster
  • Companion support during your vaccine appointment 

Summer S.T.A.G.E.S. Highlight

Camp Summer STAGES is an offshoot of the STAGES Youth Program, which stands for Students in Transition Achieving their Goals Empowered and Self-confident. The program provides various activities throughout the summer that focus on three areas:

Social Skill Building: Hangouts, Team Building, Loons Games and Virtual Activities

Employment: Job Readiness, Workshops, Job Tours and Career Exploration

Recreation: Bike Rides, Kayaking, Nature Walks, Swimming and Fishing

So far this summer, the group has gone mini-golfing, taken a trip to the zoo, and attended job tours at local employers, among other things.

“Summer S.T.A.G.E.S gets me out of the house and into the community” – Hunter

There are more activities yet to come this summer, including two more job tours on August 2 and August 8, and the closing picnic on August 9!

It’s not too late to join! Call us at (989) 835-4041 to register or learn more!

“Summer S.T.A.G.E.S. is really cool!” – Faith

Learn More About Summer S.T.A.G.E.S.

Thank You to Russell’s Blueberry Farm

We would like to thank Russell’s Blueberry Farm, located at 11895 Frost Road in Freeland, for hosting the blueberry picking Peer Group event on July 20th and for being so accommodating – they allowed us to drive back to the beautiful area they reserved for us so there was less walking required. They were very welcoming, and the group had a deliciously fun time! 

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Where We’ll Be in August

Join us throughout the month of August at the following events and meet new people, be a part of the community and learn about what Disability Network Mid-Michigan offers!

National Night Out Bay City

Wenonah Park, Bay City

August 1, 2023 5 – 8pm

National Night Out Community Resource Fair

Washington Street, Prescott

August 1, 2023 6 – 8pm


The Tridge, Downtown Midland

August 3 – 5

Sterling Food Giveaway

Deep River Township Hall, Sterling

August 7, 2023 10am – 2pm

Sterling Community Health Fair

Deep River Township Hall, Sterling

August 10, 2023 10am – 2pm

Gladwin County Health & Wellness Fair

Gladwin Community Arena

August 19, 2023 10am – 1pm

Harrison Street Fair & Old 27 Car Tour


August 25 - 26

See Our Full Event List

Public Restroom Accessibility Grant

Disability Network Mid-Michigan is serving as fiduciary for a grant from the Midland Area Community Foundation to enhance public restroom accessibility in Midland County.

The focus is on recreation areas that need equipment in order to enhance use of existing restrooms, such as a changing table, Hoyer lift, trapeze, toilet safety rails, or the addition of grab bars.

For more information about the grant, who qualifies and how to apply, contact Disability Network Mid-Michigan at 989-835-4041.

Do you need food?

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Statement of Inclusion

Inclusion is a universal human right for all people, regardless of race, age, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other discernible quality. To be inclusive is to promote a sense of belonging, respect, and value for who you are as a person. It is about equal access and opportunities for everyone. Inclusion is an integral part of our Independent Living philosophy and of our agency's vision of accessible and inclusive communities.

DNMM offices have been, and continue to be, places of solace, understanding, and information for all. We are committed to promoting and protecting diversity and inclusion, within our offices, among our community partners, and throughout the 15 Centers for Independent Living in Michigan.

people of various ethnicities and abilities

Accessibility Statement

DNMM advocates for the removal of barriers to independence and full inclusion of people with disabilities throughout the Mid-Michigan area. DNMM pledges to ensure accessibility. Each year, DNMM conducts a review of its own architectural, environmental, attitudinal, employment, communication, transportation, and other barriers that may exist which prohibit full access to our services.

If you have any issues of concern regarding the accessibility of DNMM services and facilities, we encourage you to share that information with us.

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